Giveaway: Win a $550 SaberForge Lightsaber for Star Wars Day

The phenomenon that is Star Wars is so ingrained in our culture that finding someone who hasn’t watched a Star Wars movie is like discovering a unicorn. It even has its own holiday. May the 4th, better known as Star Wars Day, has become a day of pride for all fans of the galaxy, far, far away. Some people dress up, some people binge-watch the movies, but here at Digital Trends, we’re all about the gadgets. We’ve partnered with SaberForge, one of the premier lightsaber builders on the planet, to give a young Jedi a stunning light weapon, The Crystal Saber MPP Mk1 Double Reveal. You can enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post.

SaberForge was founded in 2008, when founder and CEO, Phillip Isherwood started building sabers in his garage and selling them on eBay. Today, the company has a massive showroom outside Portland, Oregon, where you can peruse dozens of custom-machined LED sabers. The company has around 80 pre-built models to choose from, but the real kicker is that from pommel to point, each piece of a saber can be chosen individually, creating a unique lightsaber built to order. Isherwood stated that the company is now selling over 10,000 units per year. That’s a lot of young Padawans.

The company has been able to stay clear of the mighty legal sword of Lucas Films and Disney, not creating any direct replicas from the various films or calling their sabers by the trademarked Lightsabers. Not recreating Luke or Vader’s iconic weapons is OK with Isherwood, as he said that most buyers are interested in creating their own designs. This ties perfectly into Star Wars lore, as each Jedi is required to build their own saber to complete their training.

The quality of SaberForge’s blades is top notch, and nothing like a toy that you’d pick up from Amazon. Hold one in your hands, and it feels like you’re holding a real sword. The plastic blades are made of thick-walled, optical-grade Polycarbonate, which is rated for dueling. Naturally, the company is a big sponsor of The Saber Legion, an international lightsaber dueling league. Yes, that really exists. SaberForge even warranties the blade for up to a year of epic saber dueling.

With the quality and customization comes a hefty price. These blades are only for fans whose pockets run as deep as their connection to the Force. The MPP Mk1 Double Reveal that we’re giving away starts at $299, but with the blade and sound package that is installed, it runs $550. The company has other starter sabers, where the hilt starts at $75, but to add the LED light and blade, you’re going to spend close to $200 to get your completed Jedi weapon. Trust us though, it’s worth it … or you can just enter the giveaway below and roll the dice with the Force.

And May the 4th be with you.

Star Wars Day Giveaway

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