Win an iPhone X and rep your soccer team with Speck Presidio World Grip cases

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is well underway, with the first match having kicked off on June 14 and the monthlong event running through July 15. To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with Apple and Speck to give our readers a chance to win a brand-new unlocked iPhone X along with a bundle of Speck’s new Presidio Grip phone cases designed to look like flags of the countries participating in the World Cup.

Speck is a no newcomer to the world of mobile protection and makes some of our favorite smartphone cases. The all-new World Edition iPhone cases put a patriotic spin on the original Presidio Grip, with each one sporting the colors of 2018 FIFA World Cup soccer teams.

Almost all of us are carrying and using our phones throughout the day – and we’ve all let them slip out of our hands at some point. It happens. The Presidio Grip cases are a great way to avoid the nicks, dings, and cracks that are sure to result when your phone is unprotected against those inevitable bumps and falls. The rubberized, ridged design also offers great purchase to prevent your phone from sliding out of your mitts in the first place.

The Apple iPhone X should also need little introduction: Apple’s latest high-end smartphone turned heads when it launched last year with a price tag of $1,000 – the company’s most expensive phone yet — but it lives up to the hype thanks to its great design, signature Apple build quality, and solid hardware. The new iPhone’s beautiful OLED display is also one of the best we’ve ever seen on any mobile device.

One lucky winner will take home the grand prize for free: A brand-new iPhone X along with six of the Speck Presidio World Grip cases, each one a $40-45 value, featuring the flag colors of the top teams playing in this year’s FIFA World Cup. This is the perfect way to protect your new free iPhone while repping your favorite team (or teams, if you’re the type to root for more than one country). We will be notifying the winner via email, so make sure to check your inbox once the giveaway is completed. You wouldn’t want to miss your chance at a brand new iPhone and some of the top cases on the market.

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