Win the new Square Off Kingdom Set automated smart chess board

Although it might not be as ancient as games like Go, chess remains one of the oldest and most popular board games in the world. People have been putting different spins on the original game ever since it was invented more than a thousand years ago, and while a few have enjoyed some popularity (Star Trek’s iconic 3D chess comes to mind), the classic chess board hasn’t changed much over the past few centuries.

That may finally change, however, thanks to the incredible and unique new Square Off Kingdom Set smart chess board. Admittedly, Square Off isn’t reinventing the game here; this is classic, old-school chess, right down to the rosewood board and handmade pieces. What sets the Kingdom Set apart is the technology that lies under the hood, from the built-in AI to online connectivity that lets you face off against players from around the world.

Square Off began as a highly successful crowdfunding campaign and very quickly garnered a huge following, with eager chess heads funding the project’s goal ten times over – clearly, players were more than ready for 21st century chess. It’s not hard to see why: Despite the enduring popularity of the game, it can be hard nowadays to find someone in your social circles who you can regularly play with.

Square Off Kingdom SetThere’s no shortage of chess websites and mobile apps that let you play online, but let’s face it: These are no replacement for moving pieces around on a physical chessboard. The Square Off Kingdom Set lets you do just this, whether you’re competing against the board’s computer brain or playing with any of’s 21 million players. The Square Off board connects you with this huge community so you’ve always got a human opponent ready for you, whether it’s a friend, family member, or stranger on the other side of the globe.

The AI features 20 different difficulty levels for customized coaching no matter your skill level. After matches, the board’s AI can also analyze your chess game, offering strategies and suggestions to help you improve your skills. Another novel feature of the Square Off Kingdom Set is that it uses magnets to move your opponent’s pieces across the board as you play. This feature can also be used to “stream” professional matches, with the pieces on your board matching the real-time moves of the competitors.

The Kingdom Set and larger Grand Kingdom Set are both now available for pre-order, and to celebrate the launch, we’ve teamed up with Square Off to give one of our readers an opportunity to win a brand new Kingdom Set – a $375 value. Enter below for your chance to score one of your own:

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