Sony PiiQ Marqii Review

Sony dips into high-fashion headphones with the funky, pink-tinged Piiq Marqii.
Sony dips into high-fashion headphones with the funky, pink-tinged Piiq Marqii.
Sony dips into high-fashion headphones with the funky, pink-tinged Piiq Marqii.


  • Smooth Treble
  • Punchy Bass
  • Tangle Free Cable
  • Solid Value


  • Not Collapsible
  • No storage case
  • Muted Midrange

DT Editors' Rating

sony piiq marqii review marquii headphones


The trend of merging high style and high tech continues to be outrageously popular and it seems like electronics mega giant Sony thinks it is about time they got a piece of the action. With the new PiiQ series of headphone products, Sony offers their take on stylish headgear. The new line offers everything from tiny earbuds to full sized headphones and in some absolutely outrageous colors and designs. Here, we review Sony’s Marqii headphone, the top of the new PiiQ line, to see how they stack up against the likes of Monster Beats, SkullCandy and Phiaton.

sony piiq marqii review marquii headphonesOut of the Box

Typically, we would use this section of the review to list the contents of the package, give our impressions of the case or the included accessories and make general comments on the out-of-box-experience. In the case of the Marqii headphones, you won’t find a case or any accessories – just headphones. Here’s the most remarkable thing, though: They’re PINK. Not pretty in pink, pink, but a radioactive neon pink. To be fair, they aren’t entirely pink. The predominant color is actually black but the inner lining of the headband, earcup trim and cable are all pink and you just can’t help but be taken aback by the color’s loud statement.

Features and Design

At just 9 oz., the Marqii headphones are one of the lightest pair of over-the-ear headphones we’ve tested. According to Sony, the headband’s design was inspired by the technology in snowboard boot binders. Two Velcro-lined plastic tabs pull away to allow for size adjustment. Once the desired size is achieved, the tabs lock back in place, assuring that the headphones will remain properly sized. The pink underside of the headband is sparsely cushioned with three rather firm pads.

sony piiq marqii review marquii headphonesThe outside of the square ear-cups are lined with a sheer fabric that is reminiscent of a speaker’s grill cloth and, like the rest of the headphones, is smattered with an unintelligible design that seems to mimic Sony’s Xplode graphics. The inside of the earcups are lined with pink grill cloth and plush, black leather ear cushions. The Marqii’s pink, 3 foot cable is flat, tangle resistant and cleverly secured to the left ear-cup by a small loop of bungee cord. Inside the ear-cups we found a large, 40mm driver mounted at an angle that aims the driver toward the back of the ear. Looking back at the ear-pads, we notice that the padding is significantly thicker and more heavily padded on the back side, likely due to the driver positioning.

The Marqii headphones are not collapsible and, as we already mentioned, do not come with a storage case nor do they come with any adapters for use with larger stereo equipment or during air travel. Unlike the rest of the PiiQ line, the Marqii come in just one color option. We’re not sure why that is and we’re a little surprised by their choice of color, but we’re sure that some will enjoy sporting the retina-burningly pink Marqii accents.