There’s more than one titanium bike — why not more than one titanium lock?

A new bike lock is looking to secure a place in the market. Newly funded on Kickstarter, Altor’s 560G folding lock is perfect for those seeking low weight and high security. To clarify, 560 grams is 1.24 pounds, which makes Altor’s offering a featherweight compared to other locks in its projected security class.

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Some other folding locks like the OnGuard K9 are made of flimsy metals, vulnerable to bolt cutters. They and other folding locks are usually made of flat plates instead of rounded ones, another questionable choice if bolstering resistance to cutting is the aim.

Altor deals with both of those issues by choosing materials wisely and tweaking the shape. The 560G is made of Grade 5 titanium, the ideal light but strong material. Rounded links make the 560G that much more resistant to cutting tools. So the 560G combines the best feature of a folding lock, its versatility, with a fantastic material. Solid marine-grade stainless steel rings connect the titanium bars.

Digital Trends got a chance to take a look at the Altor 560G at Bike Expo New York over the weekend, where Luke Sahagian, marketing director for Altor, was showing off the lock. When he said it was made of titanium, the immediate comparison was TiGr. He said, “Not to trash talk TiGr, but their locks are a bit inflexible,” which is not trash talk, but simple fact.

The only other primarily titanium locks on the market are TiGr’s offerings. In case you’ve never seen one, they are made of single flat pieces of titanium. While that’s great to keep thieves from gaining purchase between the lock and the frame, it adds some challenge when it comes to finding a place to lock the bike up. TiGr users need to lock up to something thin, while the Altor 560G doesn’t torture riders with the hunt for the perfect bike rack.

For added convenience, the 560G has a one-touch disc-locking mechanism. Just slip the end of the lock together and press the button to lock it — no key needed until it’s time to unlock. What’s better, the locks can be daisy-chained together by sticking the end of one lock into the end of another, literally widening the options when it comes to locking up. And toting it around is easy. Since it’s so light, riders could just stick it in a belt, but the team already has plans to make a frame-mountable rack that will be free to 3D print.

The Altor team says they plan to have the lock tested by Sold Secure and ART after the manufacturer is set.  So far, the Altor team has shared some pretty impressive videos of the 560G under attack from bolt cutters (which failed to get through the lock). The obligatory angle grinder video should be coming soon. The Altor Kickstarter campaign ends May 30. Until then, backers can still grab a 560G for $170, saving a little on the projected $200 retail price. Keep your eye on the page for stretch goals, since the company has already blown by its $35,000 funding request. Altor plans to deliver to backers in July, and is forging ahead to ensure that goal is met. Luke told DT: “We are moving into our manufacturing space this week, and we already have contracts with some machinists.”