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$79 Cor fitness tracker monitors heart rate for 12 days without a charge

Amazfit, the the consumer branch of tech company Huami to bring us the Big smartwatch, have introduced a new wearable device that offers a surprising number of features at an outstanding price. The Cor fitness tracker ticks all of the boxes when it comes to keeping track of your workouts while also offering great battery life, all for just $79.

When creating the Cor, Huami was looking to build a device that is durable enough to survive whatever we throw at it, whether that is working out at the gym, exploring the outdoors, or just making your way through everyday life. To that end, the fitness tracker is completely dustproof, as well as waterproof down to 50 meters. The Cor’s delicate technology is also protected from accidental jarring and impacts by a stainless steel housing, making it safe to wear in demanding environments even when not exercising. The always-on, 1.23-inch LCD touch screen is even covered with a scratch-resistant layer of third-generation gorilla glass.

The Cor has a built-in, three-axis accelerometer that precisely measures movement, allowing it to accurately track walking, running, and cycling workouts. An onboard optical heart rate sensor monitors cardio activity as well, with all of the exercise data synced with the Mi Fit app for both iOS and Android. The device can even be worn at night to track length and quality of the user’s sleep.

Amazfit Cor fitness tracker

In a press release announcing the new device, Huami head of U.S. marketing and sales Frederik Hermann said, “Amazfit Cor is Huami’s most durable and resilient activity tracker to date, yet its slim design looks elegant and feels comfortable for both daytime wear and sleep tracking.” He goes on to add, “It is an ideal wristband for people who are in the elements, work a demanding job, or regularly come in contact with dirt and water, keeping you in the know at all times with its large and bright screen.”

In addition to all of its fitness-tracking features, the Cor comes equipped 170mAh lithium polymer battery that is capable of keeping it charged for up to 12 days of regular use. That isn’t quite as high as the 45-day battery life of the Bit, but it is impressive nonetheless.

The Amazfit Cor is available now. For more information visit the Amazfit website.

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