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Brands giving back: These retailers and brands are supporting relief efforts

Even with everything going on, we still need to buy things. If you’re looking to make your spending go a little further, several retailers are stepping up and either changing the way they do business, donating essential equipment, or pledging a portion of their revenues toward relief efforts.

We’ve assembled a list of companies that have announced their plans, and we will add to this list over time.

Home Depot

The Home Depot is no longer selling N95 masks to the general public, instead opting to donate its entire stock to first responders and healthcare providers. Millions of dollars in other personal protective equipment is also being donated to front-line workers. .


Like Home Depot, Lowe’s is also donating PPE to front-line workers to the tune of about $10 million. An additional $15 million in funds has been earmarked to help its employees, customers, and communities through its Employee Relief Fund and various small business relief programs. Shop Lowe’s.


While B&H doesn’t sell protective equipment, the company is working with suppliers to donate gear to Mount Sinai and other New York hospitals to help front-line workers keep in touch with loved ones. Shop B&H.


With massive numbers of healthcare workers in need of temporary housing due to the intensive work necessary to combat COVID-19, Airbnb is using its vast network to aid in the cause. In total, the company expects to help more than 100,000 front-line workers, waiving the fees for booking housing through the initiative. It’s also soliciting donations to cover stays for even more health care workers, too. .


Nike might be a shoe company first, but the company is redirecting its research and development efforts into building PPE. Working with Oregon Health and Science University, the company is now producing face shields and powered air-purifying protector (PAPR) lenses for use in hospitals and healthcare settings. .


FreshDirect has partnered with food bank New York Common Pantry to help fight hunger during the pandemic. You can either donate directly or by adding a donation to your next FreshDirect or FoodKick order. The company says a single $20 donation could provide a week’s worth of produce for up to 10 families. .


Backcountry donated its stock of 9,000 masks to the NYC Department of Homeless Services. It is also asking customers to donate to the cause. Every $10 donate supplies the agency with three face masks. .


While you might associate Hims with men’s grooming and vitamin supplement products, the company recently starting providing mental health services, including anonymous support group sessions. While normally $15 per hour, Hims is offering these sessions at no cost during the coronavirus crisis for a limited time. Visit Hims.

For additional content around COVID-19, like where to buy mask online, check out our coronavirus topics page.

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