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Coreyak is a VR kayaking machine offering a new kind of exercise

Coreyak - Home Fitness Adventure
Can’t make it out to the rapids this weekend? Stuck inside yet again when you’d rather be adventuring on the white water? Let technology bring the fun (and the fitness) to you. There’s now a way to get all the benefits of kayaking and rowing without getting wet. Meet the Coreyak, branded as “an innovative home fitness machine that mimics kayaking and rowing.” And before you write this off as just another erg, consider this — the Coreyak comes equipped with a wireless motion tracking device in the handle that connects to TVs, Google Cardboard, and other VR headsets to fully immerse you in high-def videos, so you feel like you’re actually out on the river, and not just rowing in place.

Weighing in at just 40 pounds, this is one exercise machine that won’t completely take over your room with its girth. Rather, the 24 x 24 x 18-inch machine is about as compact as they come, but it promises that its small size doesn’t sacrifice any functionality. Rather, the Coreyak claims to help users shed extra pounds, increase fitness, and strengthen muscles, particularly those in your core. So if you’re tired of running on a treadmill or pretending to bike on an uncomfortable seat, you may want to give Coreyaking a try.

Simulating both kayaking and rowing exercises, the Coreyak comes complete with a companion app that guides you on proper form, and tracks your distance, power, and strokes, displaying all this information on your phone or tablet. “The movement of the paddle is tracked via a wireless motion tracking unit and is transmitted to apps we are developing for smartphones, tablets, or smartphone-based VR goggles, or then connected to TVs for a big screen immersion,” the Coreyak team explains. “Your movement on Coreyak equals movement on the screen.”

As per the project’s Indiegogo page, customers will also receive “several free POV kayaking videos” alongside their Coreyak, all of which were “filmed in beautiful … locations” to help users follow the guide and keep tabs on their progress. The Coreyak team notes that it’s also developing “interactive adventure and competitive video games” that will be made available later down the line.

So if you’re looking to change your workout regimen, Coreyak may be an interesting new one to try. You can pre-order a unit now for $279.

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