Dwayne Wade celebrates NBA title by jumping into the fitness app business

Dwayne Wade Driven appMonday, many a Miami resident spent the day camped out along Biscyane Blvd., cheering the Heat as they floated by during the championship parade. And assuming that party was worth its salt, the day likely included an adult beverage or two, food purchased from a street vendor – let’s say bacon-wrapped hot dogs, since we’re using our imagination here – and activity more strenuous to the vocal cords than the body. In other words, celebrating superstar guard Dwyane Wade’s third NBA title in South Beach likely meant packing on a few pounds. Well, allow the nine-time All-Star to help you sweat off that bulge.

On June 24, Wade and partner Driven Apps released “Dwyane Wade Driven,” a new fitness app” available in iTunes. Priced at $3.99, the app offers customized workout programs and videos designed to sharpen hoops skills and whip users into shape.

Dwayne Wade Driven screenshot“It’s something I’ve been working on for a while,” Wade explained during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show. He acknowledged his reputation for toughness, earned over the past few seasons as he’s battled injuries, and cited a desire to help kids and coaches who might not otherwise have access to professional-caliber instruction. “I’m kind of like their personal trainer and show them kind of how I do things and how I work,” he explained.

Upon downloading “D.W.D.,” users are initially treated to the “All-Rookies bundle,” featuring drills to improve ball-handling skills and shooting, as well as general fitness. The app allows users to track and share their progress, and once no longer wet behind the ears like a first-year baller, the “All-Star Bundle” and “Finals MVP Bundle” are available for additional purchase to push the workouts even further.

“There’s nothing else out there like this,” Wade told Business Wire. We’re pretty sure NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez disagrees.