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Get out on the water for some maritime madness with EZ Waves

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Who says you have to be a boat owner to get on the water this summer? Certainly not EZ Waves, an online charter booking service for all things nautical. The firm’s digital reservation system promises travelers and water enthusiasts access to captains across the world, with more than 55 cities around the globe participating.

Whether you’re hoping for a fishing excursion, a sailing trip, a kayaking expedition, or just about anything else, EZ Waves’ database of nearly 500 captains likely has you covered. Calling itself “the only program that streamlines the maritime booking process,” this platform’s live scheduling software enables you to get on the water in as little as three hours. So be a little spontaneous — book a water adventure.

“Combining my love for the water and passion to teach entrepreneurs about the business of running a business is how EZ Waves became a reality,” said Vickie Waller, founder of EZ Waves. “Small business owners have an eagerness and enthusiasm that is unmatched. They take big risks when putting their resources on the line to follow their passions and I love helping make those dreams come true.”

Guests can book sailing lessons, offshore trips, sunset cruises, eco-tours, and just about anything else that tickles their fancy. Excursions can range from a few hours to a few days.

And as fun as EZ Waves may be for guests, it’s just as useful for captains. Boat owners can create a free public profile by way of the EZ Waves app (available on both Android and iOS), and from there, manage schedules, check out booked trips, and adjust prices as necessary.

“I’ve been in the sport fishing charter business for more than 15 years and as one of the more established captains in the Florida Keys, time management is one of my biggest challenges,” said Captain Ariel Medero of Big Game Sportfishing. “With the power and efficiency of EZ Waves’ scheduling and reservation system, I’m now able to spend more time with my family and new baby daughter.”

So if you’re looking to take advantage of the great outdoors in the last month or so of summer, it may be worth checking out the waves by way of EZ Waves.

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