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Game Golf, for when your rounds with your friends aren’t competitive enough

Golf-gameA San Francisco, California based tech start-up Active Mind Technology is hoping to “change the golf experience forever, for everyone” with their new golf stat tracker called Game Golf. In simple terms the application is like the cycling and running app Strava, but for golf.

Using GPS and NFC technology coupled with a database of statistics from every golf course in the United States, Game Golf is able to log every shot, distance, club, and score in a round of golf, upload it, store it, and makes it available for social sharing. All the player has to do is wear a small device on their waist and tap it with their club before each shot. Game logs the rest. In return the player gets every stat they’ve ever wanted – complete club history, distance, trends and scores on both an iPhone app and website (and Android app is in development).

Active Mind Technology CEO John McGuire founded the company in Galway, Ireland before moving it to San Francisco. California. He believes Game Golf does what no other app can. “There are lots of technologies out there right now and many of them get in the way of your round of golf,” McGuire says in the Game promotional video. “Why would you create an application where you have to enter information while you’re golfing? With Game we set out to create something that is easy to use and that is seamless.”

If Game Golf turns out anything like Strava, golfers who sign on will soon find themselves completely obsessed with every single stat from their rounds and the rounds of their friends. While it’s likely great fun comparing rounds with friends and congratulating them on their successes, Game Golf’s all seeing eye also means that the days of a quiet, relaxing round of golf may be over for ever. Game Golf could easily turn every round of golf into a tournament. Think about that the next time you shank one out into the river.

Game Golf is currently taking pre-orders at $249.00 (in addition to a $50 a year subscription fee) and says they’ll begin shipping product in July of 2013.

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