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Garmin Lily is a stylish smartwatch tailor made for women

From how it looks to what it does, Garmin’s new Lily smartwatch is designed for women. Crafted to fit smaller wrists, the Garmin Lily has a classic style with a flair for fashion and a feature set suitable for the women of today. More than just a nice-looking timepiece, the Lily also is a capable smartwatch and robust fitness tracker with women-specific features.

Lily: The small, stylish smartwatch from Garmin

Known for its monster-sized GPS watches, the Lily goes against the grain to focus on style and grace. Everything about the Lily is small with a slim 14mm band and a diminutive 34mm casing. Connecting the band to the watch bar is a jewelry-like T-bar lug. The Lily is one of Garmin’s smallest watches to date and has a fit and feel tailor-made for women.

What makes Lily unique is its unique patterned lens. The lens covers a bright monochromatic LCD with a touchscreen that’s used to control and interact with the watch. When not in use, the LCD turns off, and the lens then displays a subtle, textured pattern. The pattern varies between models, with monogrammed patterns on the Classic model and organic textures on the Sport version.

Garmin Lily

Garmin made the Lily as functional as it is fashionable. It has a heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter, Garmin’s body battery monitor, and stress management tools. Women can track their menstrual cycle and pregnancy alongside their steps and athletic activities. Like most smartwatches, the Lily connects to your phone for notifications, calendar entries, and more. If you exercise of travel alone, the Lily bundles Garmin’s assistance feature that automatically calls for help when the watch detects an accident has occurred.

Owners can choose a classic model with a stainless steel bezel and a companion Italian leather band. Garmin also is selling a Sport model with a silicone sports band and an aluminum bezel. Available on, the new Lily smartwatch is available with pricing that starts at $199 for the Sport model and $249 for the Classic version

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