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P.E. is about to get more fun for kids with Heart Zones fitness trackers

Keeping children active and healthy can be a challenge for any parent. For a P.E. teacher, it’s even harder to keep track of dozens of kids. Heart Zones has created a product that makes fitness tracking easy for the teachers and fun for the kids.

When a student first walks into the gym, they grab a Heart Zones monitor and strap it to their arm or clip it to their shoelaces. Instantly, their stats are projected onto the wall for everyone to see. Students can see their heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, and more. They walk in with fitness goals and can immediately start to run or jump rope to reach that goal. This tech allows teachers to grade students directly on the amount of effort they put into P.E.

What’s beneficial is that the system works on multiple levels. Athletes who don’t feel challenged have individualized goals to ensure they keep improving. If students are out of shape, their goals can help them improve their overall fitness levels.

In order to help garner interest, some programs have created incentives. Children who participate in UNICEF’s Kid Power program can earn points based on their steps and movement. At certain point values, they can unlock funding toward food deliveries to children in need around the world.

Wearable technology is a growing trend in education-based fitness programs. In the U.S., this sort of technology can be found in 36 percent of schools. By 2020, it is expected to grow to 46 percent.

As more school programs expand their use of wearable technology, they are finding more ways to get kids involved. A single Heart Zones band costs just $100. Group pricing for educational purposes can be found by contacting Heart Zones directly. Whether it is through self-improvement or via charitable incentives, kids have a new way to stay healthy this coming school year.

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