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Achy back? This heated, vibrating belt will get you on the road to recovery

hyperice venom heat vibration belt
Whether you’re an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or dealing with a chronically stiff or sore back, a combination of heat and vibration may provide much-needed relief. Hyperice just released the Venom wearable back device for warm up and recovery.

The Venom is a wireless, battery-powered belt with nanotechnology heating and four separate vibration pods that Hyperice says are “strategically positioned” in the lower center of the back. Powered by a detachable four-cell lithium-ion battery, the adjustable, contour-fitted waistband fits sizes up to XL — larger sizes are available with an optional extension strap.  The company states the battery lasts up to one hour per charge at the highest heat setting and longer at lower settings.

According to Hyperice, the nanotechnology heating elements enable the belt to heat up quickly for faster relief. A digital touch control screen attached to the belt allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the Venom’s temperature, select one of three patterns for the vibration pods, and set a timer.

“Ever since we launched our Ice Compression Technology in 2012, athletes have been requesting a Hyperice product that incorporates heat technology,” said company founder Anthony Katz. “With Venom, we have answered their requests and also implemented vibration into the product, which makes it even more effective. We feel it’s a product that speaks to the needs of the everyday person with back pain, as well as elite athletes.”

Whether you’re getting ready to work out and want to warm up fast or seeking a post-game or workout recovery massage, the Venom waistband belt can help when no trainer is available. If your idea of relaxing after a hard day of work, play, or just everyday living includes a restful heat treatment and a back massage, the Venom’s portability can do the trick wherever you are.

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