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Keego is the world’s first squeezable metal water bottle

Finding the right water bottle for use while working out can sometimes be a real challenge. While a metal bottle is a healthier, more environmentally friendly option, a squeezable plastic bottle is much easier to use when exercising. If only there was an alternative that somehow blended the best qualities of both types of bottles.

That is exactly the idea behind Keego, which recently launched on Kickstarter. The product uses “elastic titanium” to create an entirely new category of water bottle that offers the best properties of both metal and plastic, making it what is reportedly the first-ever squeezable metal bottle.

The creators of the Keego bottle say that the secret to its unique design lies in its construction process, which deftly weaves an elastic material into the metal itself, making it much more malleable in the process. When finished, the bottle remains 99.8 percent titanium, but it gains the ability to be squeezable, just like a traditional plastic water bottle.

Keego water bottle

This allows the Keego to straddle the line between a metal and plastic bottle, providing the best features of both. The titanium helps maintain the taste of the liquid kept inside the container and is healthier and easier to clean when compared to plastic models. It is also much more durable and resistant to damage. And the squeezable nature of the Keego makes it easier to grip and take a drink from even during an intense workout.

Weighing in at just 3.45 ounces, the Keego is capable of holding up to 24 fluid ounces of water. It also features a medical-grade silicone cap that regulates the flow of liquids, while its outer shell includes tiny ripples that provide a secure hold even when the bottle is wet. The shape of the Keego has also been refined in such a way as to allow it to easily slide in and out of the water bottle cages found on most bikes, making it a good solution for cyclists.

The Keego team has already reached its $30,000 goal on Kickstarter, which means the bottle should go into production later this year and start shipping in August when it is expected to sell for about $70. Early bird supporters can purchase one now for $55 however, although as always it pays to understand the risks of backing any crowdfunding campaign.

Find out more on the official Keego Kickstarter page.

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