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Pax’s newest cannabis vape tells you what’s inside each cartidge

Lat year brought with it a lot of concerns about vaping, specifically about what’s inside the cartridges we’re inserting in our vape pens.

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Today at CES in Las Vegas, Pax unveiled a new vaporizer that might help ease some of those concerns. Called the Pax Era Pro, the pocket-sized cannabis vaporizer includes a new PodID feature that allows users to read more about the cartridge they’re inserting in their device through the Pax app. It’s a new Pro version of the Pax Era that is currently on the market.

When using one of the new NFC-enabled Pax Pods, which are already on the market, the app will be able to provide information such as oil content, strain information and potency, flavor profiles, producer information, and state-regulated test results. It’s worth noting that Pax Pods have never contained vitamin E acetate, which is thought to be responsible for the wave of vaping illnesses last year.

All that information is front and center and easy to read, so there’s little question about what you’re putting in your lungs.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

“Our customers want a premium cannabis experience, so we’ve reimagined the Era from the inside out to offer a first-of-its-kind device that really delivers on that,” said Jesse Silver, Pax’s Senior Vice President of Product. “We have taken an obsessive eye to even the smallest of details — like dual pressure sensors or heating coils custom smelted in Sweden — to provide increased safety, access to information, and an intuitive, smart experience that elevates the entire cannabis vape category.”

Beyond just information, the Era Pro has a number of other new features. The current Era device will allow you to set a temperature for your cartridge to burn at. The Era Pro takes that a step further and offers suggestions from the maker of the cartridge on what the optimal vaping temp is. When you find your perfect setting, the device will also remember it, so you can pop a cartridge in and out and have it still remember your settings.

The Era Pro also expands on the dose control already available in the traditional Pax Era. With it, you can set the number of doses you’d like to consume. When you reach your desired setting, you’ll get haptic feedback from the device letting you know your session is complete.

The Pax Era Pro is available starting today for $70 on Pax’s website, as well as at licensed retailers in states where Pax is sold. Unlike the Era, which is available exclusively in black, the new device is available in red, jade, and gray, as well as black.

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