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Recover from your workouts more quickly with the Powerdot

Mattie Rodgers - Powerdot
As important as your workout may be, equally crucial to helping you achieve your fitness goals is your recovery. After all, there’s a reason your trainer won’t let you off the hook without a good stretch. Now, there’s a new device that wants to help you recover faster and grow stronger — it’s called the Powerdot, and it’s an electric muscle stimulation device that promises to activate your muscle fibers before, during, or after your workout.

With ten different “workouts” and the option to select the muscle group you’d most like to target, the Powerdot allows you to send impulses to different parts of your body, helping increase blood and oxygen flow. That means that even if you’re not recovering from a hard workout, you can use the Powerdot to revitalize your muscles after sitting at your desk for hours on end, getting off a plane, or finishing a road trip.

Different programs are best suited for different activities — for example, there’s the active recovery mode, which claims to help you reduce blood lactate accumulation and targets Type I muscle fibers. And there’s the massage mode, which temporarily increases blood circulation in the area applied, promoting muscle relaxation.

So how do you actually use these programs? Simply attach the Powerdot to the part of your body that needs the treatment, and then use the companion app to select the mode you’re most interested in exploring. The app will also show you where and how to properly place the pre-charged pods and electrode pads on your body. Then, get ready for some serious neuromuscular electrical stimulation NMES.

The PowerDot uses FDA-cleared NMES to help you contract muscle groups you want to target, helping you get the same treatment that many professional athletes enjoy.

Currently available for $249 (for just one PowerDot) or $449 for a duo (which will work both sides of your body at the same time), the Powerdot promises to be “easy to use, convenient, effective, and compact.” So if you constantly find yourself battling aches and sores that come after a hard workout, know that you don’t have to resign yourself to discomfort. Just hook yourself up to a Powerdot and start relieving those pains.

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