How Seattle beat Carolina last Sunday with their hands in these pockets

seattle was hands down the coolest team last sunday corecontrol cooling glove main

According to the city of Seattle’s official website, the average high in September is 70 degrees F, and no day, regardless of month, typically gets hotter than 76. Thus, the Seattle Seahawks’ season opener Sunday in Charlotte, North Carolina against the Carolina Panthers presented a shock to their systems with 87 degree/48 percent humidity game-day heat. At one point, the Fox commentators speculated during the broadcast that weather was adversely affecting the visitors. That they were able to persevere for a 12-7 win was a testament to quarterback Russell Wilson’s fourth quarter prowess and the defense’s patented ability to make big plays at the right time.

And perhaps gadgetry literally at their fingertips.

During the game, some of Seattle’s players wore CoreControl gloves while on the sideline. Developed at Stanford, the equipment enhances heat evacuation to accelerate the cooling process. The athlete places his hand inside a tube-like contraption and grips a cooling plate. Within 2-3 minutes, the effect takes over, and not just for world class athletes. Igor Guryashkin, an ESPN writer who cops to a “slender muffin top,” tested the equipment in 2012 during an intense workout and was quickly refreshed.

CoreControl glovesAs CoreControl product expert Taylor Hixson explains, “there are specialized venous structures in the palms of the hand, soles of the feet and the forehead. These structures allow for a heat exchange between the hot blood and the cooler air, sending cooler blood back into the core. CoreControl uses a slight vacuum and cool circulating water to maximize the heat exchange. The vacuum opens the vessels wide, allowing for more blood flow. The water temperature is carefully controlled to avoid causing vasoconstriction of the vessels.”

Pretty cool (pun intended), but couldn’t you just grab an ice pack and call it a day? Nope.

“CoreControl work with your body to cool from the inside out,” says Hixson. “Ice packs and cold compresses are just cooling the surface.”

This Sunday’s national game on NBC could create something of a CoreControl showcase. Along with the Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers are also clients.