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SenseOn tracks your heart rate with ‘clinical accuracy,’ Indiegogo campaign claims

senseon fitness tracker indiegogo
Fitness trackers are gaining in popularity, and while many of them include heart rate monitors, those monitors generally aren’t very accurate — in fact, critics target the heart rate monitor as one of the worst parts of many fitness trackers.

One new fitness tracker, however, is aimed at not only helping you track your heart rate, but doing it as accurately as possible.

The tracker is called SenseOn, and it basically sticks to your skin when you work out. According to the team behind SenseOn, the device is clinically accurate for tracking heart rate, breath rate, and activity. It’s also aimed at being extremely comfortable, weighing 0.4 ounces and being flexible enough to move with your body.

“You wouldn’t just run 23 miles and call it a marathon. You wouldn’t go to the gym and not know exactly how much you’re lifting,” says the device’s Indiegogo campaign. “Then why would you sacrifice accuracy when it comes to measuring your body’s functions like heart or breathing rate?”

While the Indiegogo campaign claims the device tracks heart rate with “clinical accuracy,” it’s currently unknown whether or not it actually has been medically approved or if that’s just something the team behind it is saying.


The tracker sticks to your body the same way the AmpStrip does, kind of like a band aid. It then connects to your iOS or Android smartphone, which uploads your data from the cloud, ensuring it doesn’t get lost. Another cool feature of the device is that it offers a cordless charging case, which can charge the device eight times on a single charge, with each charge lasting 20 hours. So, theoretically, you should be able to go through 160 hours of use before needing to pull out a charging cable.

To get SenseOn for yourself, you can head over to the Indiegogo campaign, where it’s currently available for $80 as an early bird special. After that, it seems like you’ll need to buy a pack of two for $164.

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