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Soltrackr wants to take your outdoor experience to the next level

Summer is coming, and with it, our full enjoyment of the great outdoors. But in this digital day and age, many of us can’t achieve full enjoyment without a healthy dose of technology. So to fulfill your need for in-depth vital and environmental information in the coming months and beyond, Soltrackr has unveiled its flagship product, a wireless health companion that brings you all the most crucial information about your surroundings on the go. You’ll hold a world of information in the palm of your hand (quite literally) with the device’s innovative sensing technology that pairs with a suite of smartphone apps to build health awareness.

“People want to take control of their health so we’ve developed an easy-to-use and affordable health companion,” said David Nam, the company’s CEO. “Soltrackr not only helps maximize workouts and manage stress, but also alerts people to the potential harmful effects of their time in the sun and the time required to get their necessary vitamin D.”

While many fitness devices can measure your heart rate and deliver information about your exercise habits, Soltrackr looks to do something a bit different. For starters, it focuses just as much on your environment as it does on you — by keeping tabs on the sun’s UV radiation levels, Soltrackr delivers biofeedback to help you optimize your workouts and manage stress. All information is captured by the palm-sized device, and transmitted back to its companion app.

And because you can attach the Soltrackr to your key ring, it doubles as a key finder. Oh, and if you’re looking to take a selfie, you can use the “solselfie” feature, because of course, the Soltrackr is also a smartphone remote shutter.

The new device will be available exclusively on the Soltrackr website, and the company hopes that shipping will begin in the coming months. So get excited to go outside, friends. With data like this, you’ll never want to be indoors again.

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