The most recent job destroyed by technology? Basketball shooting coaches

Developing picture-perfect form from all spots on the floor often requires basketball players to spend hours working with a shooting coach. Unfortunately, that also means coordinating schedules, dishing out bucks each session and – depending on the coach’s personality – a dude screaming in your grill. In a perfect world, you’d improve on your own schedule, for minimum expense, and in relaxed climate. A group of BYU business and engineering students feel your pain and have a solution. For 250 bucks, The Shot Coach breaks down your shot without breaking your wallet or spirit.

Here’s how the $250 system works: First, the Ray Allen-in-training first decorates his shooting hand with a wristband containing a chip that tracks everything from where the shot was hoisted to wrist movement to velocity. The Box, magnetically attached to the underside of the rim, tracks shots that go down and measures the rim/backboard vibrations from the bricks. Everything is then relayed to a free app that catalogues the data into digestible form.

Armed with such specific knowledge, a scorer can truly understand the strengths and problem areas of his or her game. Most shooters would be aware, for example, of a tendency to hit more 3’s from the corner rather than the top of the arc. That discrepancy in marksmanship could be easier corrected, however, when data reveals those latter shots are consistently fired too strong and too far left. Knowledge is power, and Shot Coach supplies it.