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TomTom Sports app now syncs with Google Fit and Apple Health

TomTom Sports App – #GetGoing - Short Edit
Staying fit is already challenging enough, so keeping tabs on your progress shouldn’t add any additional stress to your routine. Luckily, TomTom agrees, and has brought an update to its sports app that allows users to import data from Google Fit and Apple Health to their profiles, thereby allowing for continuous activity tracking, insights, and daily summaries, even if they’re without a TomTom Sports wearable.

If you’re serious about your fitness, you’re probably using a whole suite of apps and tools, and TomTom wants to be sure that you can find all that information in one centralized place.

With the latest update, TomTom users can import daily activity data including steps, active time, distance, and calories, from either Google Fit (for Android) or Apple Health (for iOS). They can then set goals within the TomTom app and receive credit for a hard day’s work, even if they didn’t don a TomTom device that morning. But don’t worry, this relationship goes the other way, too — if you’re wearing a TomTom Sports device and are connected to Google Fit or Apple Health, you won’t be logging duplicate activity data.

“This is a great new development for anyone interested in getting more from tracking their activities,” said Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and managing director of TomTom Consumer. “We know that people use different apps to track their activities and fitness level. Now they can have all of their data in one place — the TomTom Sports app — and continue to track should they forget their TomTom device at home.”

The TomTom app promises to outperform other similar tools by providing the motivation users need to start exercising, with encouraging messages, activity trends, performance stats that are as granular as you can get, and plenty of social sharing functions to brag about your achievements to your friends. Said Vigreux, “We’re delighted to be making the motivation of the TomTom Sports app available to more people and can’t wait to see them get going!”

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