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Twicycle is the bicycle you pedal with all your limbs

Twicycle- Cycle With Your Arms, Legs or Both, teaser trailer
You’ve seen gym rats, but you’ve probably never seen a gym monkey — until now. Thanks to a new bike-like contraption known as the Twicycle, you’ll be pedaling around town with both your hands and your feet for a full-body workout that’s probably awesome if you can get over the aesthetics. So if your main complaint with cycling has always been that it’s too much of a lower body workout without the upper body focus, Twicycle is here to make you think again.

Operating under the belief that “the most enjoyable workout happens when it is combined with adventure,” you’ll certainly have quite the, uh, experience, when you board the Twicycle. The handlebars of this particular bicycle come equipped with their own set of gears, which means you’ve basically got two-wheel drive.

The team behind the invention say that the Twicycle “was invented out of a desire to achieve a full body workout while cycling outdoors and out of frustration that no such affordable product exists on the market today. It went from an idea to proof of concept to a working prototype in a matter of a few months.”

While you could just cycle with your legs (yes, the Twicycle doesn’t actually force you to use your upper body), you can also cycle with only your arms. Take your pick.

Of course, we should point out that this bike isn’t meant for any adventure that takes you too far off the beaten path. After all, it’s an adventure in and of itself. The Twicycle team noted, “This is a road bike, so it is not recommended for off-road use. We plan on working on a mountain bike version in the future.”

So if you’re ready to take your cycling to the next level, try it on all fours, and try the Twicycle.

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