The Waggit fitness collar will help track and improve your dog’s health

Fitness trackers and wearables are on the rise in the human health care world — so why shouldn’t there be a similar product available for our canine companions? Waggit offers the comprehensive features of a standard human fitness wearable in a collar tracker — with modifications made specifically for dogs.

Waggit is designed as an innovative tool to track pet health and alert owners of changes via a smartphone app, comparable to a FitBit or other fitness wearable. The smartphone app is designed similarly to the apps used for human fitness trackers, eliminating any learning curve. Waggit features dog-specific baseline recordings including body temperature, resting heart rate, and resting respiration rate, so that you can learn what’s normal for your pet.

One of the greatest challenges of pet ownership is rooted in the fact that dogs can’t tell their owners when something is wrong or when they start to become ill. The Waggit is intended to notify owners of changes in order to detect possibly life-threatening diseases sooner. Some of the comprehensive dog-specific features include a position monitor that records how much time your dog spends in certain positions throughout the day and sends data to the application, triggering an alert when there are changes, which could indicate pain or discomfort in a certain part of the body.

The wearable also monitors sleep quality, tracking sleep patterns and activity levels during the day and night so that you can also be made aware when your dog is not sleeping well. The collar’s location tracker and built-in GPS ensures that you know where your canine companion is at all times via a virtual fence feature that will alert you when your dog has gone outside its boundaries.

Detailed canine-specific features include an activity tracker that determines how much exercise your dog gets on a daily basis. This feature has a gamified aspect for multiple pets or friends that will rank your dog in terms of distance traveled and time spent exercising so that you can follow them on the Waggit leaderboard. Waggit includes smart nutrition formulas to help track calories burned and a training center with ultrasound speakers to help you improve your dog’s behavior.

Waggit is a truly comprehensive fitness application currently made for dogs 20 pounds or heavier, designed in dark chocolate, raspberry, or blue colors, and with sizes from small to large. A $200 pledge on the company’s Kickstarter campaign page guarantees you one Waggit of your chosen size and color.