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Where to buy hand sanitizer online and get it delivered in days

Hand sanitizer is in high demand, so forget about finding it at your local drugstore or supermarket. Retailers are only receiving small shipments, often selling out after a few minutes on the shelves. This means your best bet right now is buying online. Of course, this is a lot easier than said than done.

The majority of online retailers have run out of stock, while those who have some in the warehouse are charging through the roof. One retailer that has some in stock and hasn’t hiked its prices, though, is Well Before (formerly Honest PPE Supply), which is selling a 60ml bottle for only $2; 300ml bottle for $6; and a 500ml bottle for $8.

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Well Before is a retailer we’ve already recommended as a place to buy KN95 masks from. We’ve ordered from them ourselves, and while our particular order did take a bit to ship, it still arrived within the delivery estimate the online store provided.  While the hand sanitizer is not Purell, Well Before has two size options, 300mL (about 10 ounces) and 500ML (about 17 ounces), available. Even at 300mL, that’s enough hand sanitizer to last you at least a month.

The alcohol percentage — what’s sanitizing your hands, is at the recommended levels that effectively kills germs and bacteria. You can order as little as five bottles, which means you’ll have enough sanitizer to take you through the summer, and fall, too. Sanitizing your hands is going to become even more important as the common cold and flu are likely to make a return as well when temperatures fall.

While you’re there, we also recommend picking up some other PPE, all of which ship out of the company’s Texas warehouse, unlike many sites, which drop ship from China or outside the country. We’ve heard a few stories from readers of orders getting stuck at customs where the order wasn’t shipped from an American warehouse.

If you’re a first responder or health care worker looking for PPE, the company also accepts bulk orders. According to the company, it has already supplied masks to those industries and retailers.

As with any of the essentials right now, the stock can change quickly. However, Well Before says it aims to ship all orders within 24 hours of receipt.

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