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Thermometers are sold out (almost) everywhere — here’s where to get one today

thermometer and sick person
Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommending people remain at home and keep a close eye on their health, demand for both digital and analog thermometers has shot through the roof. Many retailers have sold out of them completely, but there are some places that still have them in stock. Here’s where to get a thermometer today.


  • Sanpu Digital Probe Thermometer — $15, was $30

Best Buy

  • ZenBaby Infrared Forehead Thermometer — $90

N95 Mask Co.

  • Infrared Thermometer — $60

FSA Store

  • Caring Mill Digital Thermometer — $5
  • Caring Mill Instant Ear Thermometer — $25
  • Sejoy Infrared Forehead Thermometer — $90

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t panic. Retailers are working around the clock to replenish inventory — so the list could be more extensive in an hour’s time. Also, we’ll keep updating this page as and when thermometers are back in stock at the leading stores, eliminating the need to hunt around. Just bookmark this page and keep checking back. We’ll handle the rest.

It’s also worth noting that we have only included products that we feel are fairly priced. We here at Digital Trends refuse to provide a platform to those looking to profit from the present situation. The thermometers featured above aren’t on sale, but they aren’t a whole lot more expensive than what you would have had to pay if you had placed an order this time last year.

Desperate? Try This

If you’re in dire need, consider using a meat thermometer instead. We haven’t included any above, but these work just as well as the ones that are intended for human use. Make sure it’s thoroughly disinfected, though — douse it in isopropyl alcohol or wipe it down with a cleaning wipe, before carefully tucking it under your tongue and waiting for it to take a reading.

Remember to be gentle, though. Meat thermometers aren’t rounded off like the thermometers we’re all used to (they’re sharp so they can stab into the middle of the food), so we need to take care. Insert it slowly, with little pressure. It’s not the most comfortable solution, but if you simply need to know your temperature this very second, it’s the best way to check it.

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