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Zepp Labs lets you check out your tennis, baseball and golf swing in 3D on your iPad

zepp labs introduces sensor for golf tennis and baseball sports platform

 Zepp Labs may not seem familiar at first, but if you’re a sports nut, chances are you’ve heard of the company’s first product, the Golf Sense swing analyzer. We put the system to the test and found it offered a tremendous amount of helpful information about our golf swing habits for just $150. Now the company is following up its early success with three new motion-sensing products, this time bearing the Zepp name: the Zepp Golf, Zepp Baseball and Zepp Tennis. And if these new swing analyzing systems are anything like their predecessor, they may be something to get excited about. 

The new Zepp sensor appears to be a little smaller than the Golf Sense dongle we played with earlier this year. It’s also more rugged and  powerful. The neon-green sensor is 1-inch square and weighs about 6 grams. Zepp Baseball1Its exterior is made of rubber and its core is said to be shock resistant. Inside is an ARM processor, multiple motion sensors, and enough storage to log 200,000 tennis swings, or 2,000 golf/baseball swings. 

Like the Golf Sense, the Zepp sensor transmits swing data in real time via Bluetooth to a waiting mobile device with one of Zepp’s apps running. The app then presents a rendering of your swing in 3D, which you can look at from virtually any angle by rotating around the swing model in 360 degrees. Unlike the Golf Sense, however, the Zepp has been designed with apps and mounts specifically made for tennis rackets and baseball bats in addition to golf clubs. 

Outside of the cool 3D rendering of your swing, the Zepp sensor and app provides detailed data on things like club head, bat or racket speed, swing plane and angle; plus, it tracks your progress so you can see how things have improved or worsened over time. 

The price for the sensor is $150, and it works with each of the different sports apps. Mounts will reportedly be sold separately. We can expect to see the Zepp Golf, Baseball and Tennis coming available sometime in November. 

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