With Result Tagging, Zepp’s Multi-Sport Sensor can help you be a better baseball hitter

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Zepp Labs announced a new feature for its Zepp Baseball App, dubbed Result Tagging, which allows you to track data related to the swings you take with a bat.

The app works in tandem with Zepp’s Multi-Sport Sensor, which retails for $149.99 directly from Zepp’s site. Using the app and the sensor, with Result Tagging, you can tag individual swings with different hit types, including line drive, fly ball, grounder, foul –as well as hit direction, like left, center, right. Once you apply the desired tags, each swing you take produces a report containing swing performance information, which is personalized to you.

Prior to the release of Result Tagging, Zepp’s Baseball App gave you four key stats about your swings: bat speed, hand speed, bat angle, and time to impact, the latter of which is the time between when your hands started moving, and when you made contact with the ball. With Result Tagging, the app and the sensor will now pair those stats with the types of hits (or outs) you produce.

The idea is that, by pairing data with your results, you can see what you need to do to get more hits, and less outs.

Though Result Tagging is available for the iOS version of Zepp’s app now, the company says that it is “coming soon” to the Android version, though an exact date has not been provided.