Here are the advantages of the Windows Phone Store

Windows Phone

sponsored-by-microsoftUpgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 With the number of apps on Windows Phone Store reaching well into the six figures, there’s no shortage of content to run on your Windows Phone. You won’t have to suffer through any Pandora-less subway rides or game-free family reunions this holiday season. But that’s just the bare minimum any app store is expected to deliver. The Windows Phone Store offers something more.

See, the apps on Windows Phone Store aren’t just meant to work; the best apps are designed to work wherever and however you need them to, in the most seamless way possible. No app is an island: If you start something on your desktop or Windows tablet, you can pick up right where you left off on your phone. Here’s an example: Microsoft Office syncs automatically over OneDrive, meaning as you type away on your computer, the document is updated on your phone or tablet.

Other companies have taken advantage of Windows Phone’s cross-compatibility features, and have even built their own software development kits (SDKs) for seamless integration. For instance, PayPal’s new Windows 8 Checkout SDK allows app developers to include PayPal as a payment option within their own apps. Amazon, similarly, released an SDK for its popular Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing other apps to take advantage of the popular cloud service. Developers can even build their own Windows App on top of AWS.

Windows Phone 8.1 saw the release of Cortana, a personal assistant unique to Windows devices. Unlike her competitors, Cortana is open for developers to tap into. Skype takes advantage of this, so that a simple “Skype Adam” said to your phone will launch the call.

Windows Phone’s app store boasts all the apps you’ve ever wanted, like Twitter, Instagram, Uber, and Pandora. Sometimes it’s not enough to just have them, though. Sometimes it’s nice if they’re unique to the platform.

Facebook’s newly released version 5 adds more than just new features (although who doesn’t love the ability to set photos to the lock screen?). Not only does Facebook have a new look just for Windows Phone, but with support for multiple resolutions, the app is now optimized for any screen. Other companies, like Netflix and The Weather Channel, have also built custom experiences for their Windows apps to keep up with the phone’s seamless experience.

So yes, the Windows Phone Store has apps, including all your favorites. But between the way they transfer between devices, work with Cortana, and the fresh, custom look, they’re not just the same apps you’re familiar with — they’re better.