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lg cloi robot sci fi vs reality airport feat

I ran into LG’s Cloi robot at the airport in South Korea. Here’s what happened

After running into LG’s Cloi the airport robot in South Korea, the experience was entrancing, yet unfulfilling. Does a rolling, talking computer screen with blinking eyes have a purpose other than to entertain?
six months living in the smart apartment philips hue white ambiance mit amazon alexa

I loaded my condo with tech — and discovered smart homes still need a lot of work

Temi Robot

Temi is your personal robot butler, like an Amazon Echo Show on wheels

If you’ve been dreaming of a domestic robot or a smart speaker that can follow you around the house, then Temi could be just what you’re looking for. We went hands-on with the personal robot at IFA 2018 in Berlin to find out exactly what it’s capable of doing and how well it can get it done.
shed of the year content noahs

You won’t feel like a tool hanging out in these over-the-top sheds

Voting is open in the U.K.'s latest Shed of the Year contest, with this year's entries featuring some of the wackiest and most wonderful creations to date. Check out what must be one of the smallest pubs in the world, the circus-inspired "Big Top Den," and an extraordinary “floating shed.”
LG Sidekick Washing Machine

How LG built its Signature appliances to solve problems you didn’t know you had

Ever look at your appliance and marvel over how manufacturers thought of including a certain feature or look? We got a behind-the-scenes look at LG Appliances in South Korea, where we learned about how LG’s Signature line was created. The ideas didn’t come from engineers, but from people like you.
living with smart mirrors | Viio Vezzo

Smart mirrors prove to be more beauty than brains

Smart mirrors all have a variety of features and level of intelligence, whether they are connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. We tested out three: out the Viio Vezzo smart mirror, SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Trio, and the HiMirror Plus+. Some are meant for makeup, while others try to keep you entertained during your morning routine.
nokia sleep sensing pad sensor ls placing product

Change your habits and win the snoring debate with the Nokia sleep sensing pad

Is a sleep pad that fits under a mattress any better at monitoring your sleep than one of the many apps you can download to your phone? You might be surprised to find out what we discovered when using the Nokia Sleep Sensing Pad, as well as how it affected the way we approached the day.
lg thinq ces 2018

Why learn to use gadgets when they can just learn to help us? Exactly, says LG

The problem with so-called smart products is that they really aren’t. But LG believes AI is the key, and is investing in new research labs. Digital Trends sat down with LG Electronics’ president and CTO, I.P. Park, to discuss the company’s plans.
roomrs offers cheap apartments for young professionals

NYC startup Roomrs rents smart apartments to young professionals at very low rates

Smart apartments are still evolving, but Roomrs has figured out a way to offer reasonable rents and smart technology to its community of students and young professionals navigating their way into a life in the Big Apple.
hellofresh meal kit review 20180215 185733

HelloFresh delivers on delicious for fans of American fare

What's for dinner? It's a daily question that doesn't always have an answer. Meal kits, while not necessarily saving time or money in the kitchen, provide ingredients and guided instruction on what to cook. Here are our thoughts on HelloFresh.
silverware handles up or down silver dishwasher profile feat

Silverware handles up or down? Dishwasher experts settle it once and for all

Everyone has their own way of loading a dishwasher. But who’s doing it correctly, those on #TeamHandlesUp or #TeamHandlesDown? We asked some experts to get the question answered once and for all. Now you can stop passively-aggressively re-arranging the forks your partner wrongly put in the dishwasher.
Brava Oven

The Brava Oven uses light – and seemingly magic – to cook. It changes everything.

Have you ever been knee-deep in holiday cooking and thought to yourself, ‘there’s got to be a better way?’ So did the creators of the Brava Oven, who wanted to find a better, more efficient tool for baking. Their invention, which cooks with light, will change everything we do in the kitchen from this point forward.
using tech to make painting your house a little easier my with feat

Repainting a room sucks, so I tried to see if tech could make it any easier

To figure out what color to paint our walls, we used a bunch of online tools, from paint company’s sites to Adobe Color Wheel, to get just the right look. Then we tried out a paint sprayer to see if it really was any easier than doing the job by hand. There are some parts of painting that tech hasn’t figured out how to help with yet, though.
man staring at screen

Google’s smart home mastermind talks security, A.I., the future of control

Google product lead Mark Spates works on the company’s smart speakers, including Google Home. In an interview with Digital Trends, he talked about the role of voice in the smart home and where the future might lead, including gesture control, proximity sensors, and new smart speaker hardware.
foreo ufo smart mask experience skincare feat

The Foreo UFO can fit into your makeup bag and your busy lifestyle

The Foreo UFO is a smart mask treatment that's controlled by your smartphone. Even with the steep price tag, the easy setup and quick execution had us incorporating it into our skincare routine whenever our skin felt dull or needed hydration -- busy schedule or not.
The Jetsons Technology Instant Food

How close are we to living in ‘The Jetsons’? Checking in on our smart-home future

From video calling to robot maids, The Jetsons made many bold predictions of what daily life could be like in the year 2062. We took a look at the technology featured in the cartoon to see how close (or how far off) the cartoon was in predicting the technology of the future.
what to watch on tv this week the walking dead nba tnt and more anthony bourdain parts unknown

Anthony Bourdain’s best cooking tips, seasoned with travel wisdom

Anthony Bourdain, chef, author, and host of Parts Unknown, died June 6 at age 61. The food-lover and world-traveler leaves a legacy of embracing the unfamiliar, eating what's put in front of you, and great travel advice.
smart home control

A.I. will make smart homes autonomous, but don’t expect perfection or privacy

bacteria in kitchen sears feat

The most bacteria-ridden places in your kitchen? Check your appliances

How clean is your kitchen? You may be surprised to find out the types of bacteria that can hide in a kitchen that looks clean on the surface. Time to break out the disinfectant and check those spots on your appliances that you wouldn't normally think to clean.
amazon warehouse tour fulfillment center danbo feat

How Amazon’s robot warehouses swing into action the moment you press ‘buy’

If you’re like us, you probably spend a little too much time on Amazon buying stuff you may or may not need. But what happens after you click the “buy” button? How does Amazon get you your stuff so quickly? We toured a fulfillment center to find out.
Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart’s grocery pickup is free, but how is the service?

Walmart offers delivery, pickup, or both delivery and pickup options in many markets across the country. We decided to try out Walmart's Grocery Pickup service to see if we could get the same quality food and determine whether it was in fact a timesaver.
kilauea hawaii lava flow street

Clorox won’t cut it. Volcanologists explain what it takes to clean up after Kilauea

Cleaning up after a volcano is a monumental task. Lava can completely destroy homes, but ash and mudflows can also cause serious damage. If residents are going to rebuild, they have a lot to worry about when it comes to debris and ash removal.
Sun Basket

Seeking a paleo, gluten-free, or diabetes-friendly meal kit? Sun Basket delivers

Like Blue Apron, Plated, and HelloFresh, Sun Basket is a meal-kit delivery service. The difference, the company says, is that its ingredients are organic, with “grass-fed, antibiotic-free pastured meats and sustainable seafood.” Sun Basket also caters to specific diets with diabetes-friendly and other meal plans.
smarthome by savant behind the scenes feature

How Savant makes a complex smart home run like a Swiss watch

Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri may be able to talk to a bunch of different devices, but so far they aren't proven to be as good at making multiple devices work together in concert. In order to fully automate a home, it helps to enlist home automation services from a company like Savant.
cooking on the frigidaire gallery fgif3036tf induction range self cleaning oven 10

Induction is the best cooking tech you’re not using. $1K range is a game-changer

The Frigidaire Gallery FGIF3036TF Induction Range is the first of its kind for under $1,000. Induction cooking is fast, efficient, safer, and cleaner than radiant and gas stoves. We did a little cooking on the range and watched it boil water in 90 seconds.
scotts gro 7 zone smart watering controller box contents

Take charge of your yard with the Scotts Gro 7 Zone Smart Watering Controller

Make your irrigation system smarter with the Scotts Gro 7 Zone Smart Watering Controller, which gives you the ability to control when and how often you water your grass or outdoor plants. Download the app on your phone and even ask Google Assistant or Alexa to water the grass for you.
breville smart oven air bov900bss toaster

From baking to air-frying, Breville’s Smart Oven Air does it all

Calling it a toaster oven really doesn't do the Breville Smart Oven Air justice, as it's more like a Swiss army knife for your kitchen counter top. With 13 cooking presets, including air frying, it does more than any other toaster oven on the market, and is a grown-up version of a beloved appliance.
wireless charging over distance barriers energous feat

When will your phone charge wirelessly in your pocket? We asked an expert

The idea that our smartphones might charge in our pockets, or smartwatches might charge up on our wrists, is appealing, but how close are we to a world without wires? True wireless charging is creeping closer, but there still some big barriers to overcome. We spoke to experts at Energous and Ossia to find out more.
James Briscione

Flavor Matrix cookbook proves peanut butter avocado toast is the neo brunch

The Food Matrix is a new cookbook from James Briscione. While it has some recipes, its main focus is aroma wheels that make it easy to pair new and unusual foods together based on shared compounds.
honeywell lyric leak and water freeze detector

Flood-proof your home with Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Leak/Water Freeze Detector

At $80, the Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Leak and Water Freeze Detector is a simple and smart early-warning system for homes susceptible to floods. Setting it and forgetting it could someday save your life.

iRobot wants its Roombas to be the eyes and roving sensors of your smart home

Because of the way iRobot's Roombas map users homes, it has the potential to make smart homes much more connected.

Watch your lawn mower cut your grass – while you sit on your front porch sipping a beer

Swedish company Husqvarna Group is marketing its line of six Automowers in the United States for the first time. These robots will connect to the smart home via voice hubs like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Future capabilities could include outdoor Wi-Fi, garden maintenance and security features in the future.
Plated Table

Plated plans to take meal kits from your doorstep to the grocery store

Plated co-founder and CEO Josh Hix told Digital Trends, "We’ve thought from day one that meal kits would need to be omni-channel."
homelessness vertical space alternative solutions homeless pods

Architects around the globe are exploring “vertical land” to solve homelessness

Architects around the globe are turning to a new concept described as "vertical space," stacking small podlike dwellings vertically on existing buildings, as a way to ease homelessness.