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Smart Home News

Alexa Care Hub

Alexa Care Hub helps families to keep track of loved ones’ interactions

The Alexa Care Hub allows family members to set up dedicated connections. If a loved one asks Alexa for help, Alexa will notify their set emergency contact.
Echo Dot with clock on a counter.

Amazon goes spherical for its refreshed Echo smart speakers

At Amazon's September event, the company introduced a refresh to its Echo line of smart speakers, which surprisingly features a new spherical design.
amazon sept 24 event roundup liveblog announcement echo dot

Amazon devices event 2020: Everything announced

Amazon held a virtual hardware event to take the place of its usual fall product showcase. Here's everything Amazon announced at the event.

Amazon’s Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) has a screen that moves so you don’t have to

Amazon announced the new Echo Show 10 which can utilize Amazon Guard to look around the room and act as a security camera.
ring always home cam autonomous flying camera news specs price alway connect 2 of 3

Yup, Ring’s Always Home Cam flies itself to patrol inside your home

During today's Amazon event, Ring announced its upcoming Always Home Cam, an autonomous flying camera that will be used for home security.
ring hits the road with trio smart car security gadgets alarm

Ring goes mobile with a trio of car security gadgets

Ring wants to keep you and your possessions safe whether at home or on the road. A trio of new car-focused gadgets gives smart security to your vehicle.

Walmart accidentally leaks upcoming Google Nest Audio smart speaker

People have speculated what Google might announce at its September 30th event, but now one item is for sure: An upcoming Nest Audio smart speaker.
wyze video doorbell has advanced features for low price

Wyze’s pint-size Video Doorbell is ridiculously priced at $30

The Wyze Video Doorbell packs the features of higher-priced models into a small size and a budget-friendly price. It's also itty-bitty with its size.
move it swift combines rhythm boxing into workout

Move It Swift is a rhythm boxing workout for the home

Working out can be boring, but the Move It Swift system combines rhythm and boxing into an at-home trainer that helps you have fun while burning calories.
A smart light bulb glows red

I bought cheap smart light bulbs thinking they could be decent. I was wrong

I wanted to spend as little money as possible on a smart light bulb. It was a terrible experience. This serves as a cautionary tale. Don't make my mistake
petcube cam brings vet to your pets cat

Petcube Cam takes the stress off your pets by bringing the vet to you

The Petcube Cam allows you to keep an eye on your pets, but offers in-app consultations with vets if your pet acts weird or in a way that raises concern.
yi technology launches two new home security solutions dome cam u  close up

YI Technology launches two sub-$40 security cameras aimed at protecting privacy

YI Technology unveiled the Kami Mini and the Yi Dome Camera U, two home security cameras with advanced features at an affordable price point.
amazon event 2019 meet the family

What to expect from Amazon’s September 2020 event

Amazon's fall hardware event is often the source of new product announcements and updates. Digital Trends will cover all news surrounding the event here.
siri alexa feminist reboot amazon

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Alexa

Beginning on September 15 and lasting a full month, Alexa celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month and recognizes the contributions of this vibrant community in the United States, as well as the influence of their ancestors from Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Spain.
An Amazon Echo Dot in the sand color with blue light glowing around the top rim.

Want to chat with Samuel L. Jackson? An Alexa-enabled device can help with that

You can now say 'Hey, Samuel' to trigger Samuel L. Jackson's voice on your Alexa enabled device instead of the familiar one you've been listening to.
samsung jetbot smart mop also cleans walls windows jetmop

Samsung’s Jetbot robot vacuum mops floors, converts to a wall and window cleaner

The Samsung Jetbot not only cleans floors, but can also switch to a handheld mode for cleaning and buffing walls and windows.
Controlling smart home with Apple Watch

WearOS is terrible at controlling your smart home. WatchOS does it better

Have you ever wondered what smartwatch does a better job at controlling the smart home? Well, I found out WatchOS is significantly ahead of Google's WearOS.
google nest speaker image released news

The Google Nest Home is coming soon. Here’s everything we know so far

New information is available about the possible upcoming second generation of the Google Home, called the Google Nest Home. Here's everything we know about it.
neato d10 takes fall allergies powerful filter

Neato D10 robot vacuum to tackle fall allergy season with its true HEPA filter

Neato announced a new and improved lineup of robot vacuums capable of tackling fall allergy season and providing your home with a better clean.
Alexa for Residential program.

Alexa’s moving into your next apartment with Amazon’s residential program

Thanks to partnerships with home builders and rental companies, Alexa might soon become a default part of the rental experience — and even a tour guide.
amazon echo alexa device bundle deals  2nd generation with smart plug 02

The vision of smart home is unrealistic unless it becomes more wire-free

Cables are annoying, but as the smart home continues to grow, it's only going to get worse and paints an unrealistic vision of what the smart home should look.
philips hue updates old products adds gradient strip iris lifestyle living room

Philips Hue gradient strip can enhance your home theater experience

Philips Hue is updating its Iris table lamps, their candelabra bulbs, and adding a new gradient light strip to its product lineup.

Police love video doorbells, except when doorbells capture video of police

Police promote video doorbells. But recent FBI files reveal that if a suspect has one, it can create a very dangerous situation for law enforcement.
amazon new blink cameras have incredible battery life

Amazon’s new Blink cameras aim to go the distance with 2-year battery life

The new Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor cameras can last for up to two years on two AA batteries, or up to four when the new battery expansion pass releases.
lifx clean worlds first antibacterial smart light

The Lifx Clean smart light bulb can sanitize surfaces with just its light

The Lifx Clean is the world's first smart light to emit high-energy visible light capable of disinfecting surfaces and the air around it.
twinkly music visual equalizer holiday lighting

Twinkly Music is a visual equalizer for holiday lighting

Twinkly Music gives users the ability to create the ultimate Christmas light display. Sync your lights with music to be the talk of your neighborhood.
blueram smart video doorbell your personal butler

Blurams Smart Video Doorbell sends automatic voice responses to ringers via A.I.

The Blurams Smart Video Doorbell takes convenience to the next level with pre-set automated responses thanks to its A.I.-powered facial recognition.
space kotty weighs your cat tracks its health

Space Kotty is a self-sanitizing UVC litter box that weighs your cats, too

Keeping your cat safe and healthy starts at the litter box. Space Kotty not only weighs your cat but compares its weight and bathroom habits to vet guidelines.
Instant Pot Instant Pod 2-in-1 Single Brew Coffee and Espresso Maker

Instant Pot tackles coffee with Instant Pod 2-in-1 machine

The Instant Pod can brew both Keurig and Nespresso pods and allows you to make your favorite drinks quickly in the morning.
august and yale can now use biometric verification smart lock security features

August and Yale smart locks gain added security with biometric verification

August and Yale added an additional layer of security to their smart locks through biometric verification, further strengthening their overall security.
level touch smart lock tap nfc new specs price

A tap of your finger or NFC card conveniently unlocks the Level Touch smart lock

The Level Touch takes the same fundamental design as the company's previous smart lock, but conveniently unlocks with NFC key cards or a tap of your finger.
eufy smart drop secure mailbox for your packages kv  d1 2 1

Eufy’s Security Smart Drop is an impenetrable mailbox for your packages

If you want to fight porch piracy, Eufy offers a solution through the Smart Drop, a carbon steel mailbox with a built-in camera and advanced A.I. technology.
best 4th of july robot vacuum deals roomba s9 and braava jet m6 docked 720x720

Made a mess? Some iRobot Roombas will know exactly where to go for cleanup

iRobot unveiled new features for their Roomba and Braava jet robotic mops that provide users with precise, granular control of cleaning schedules.
oral b series 7 toothbrush brings dentist level clean to you io

Too much, too little? Oral-B’s iO toothbrush knows if you’re brushing just right

The Oral-B iO is a new entry from Oral-B with some of the most advanced features in any smart toothbrush to date.