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The Lockly Flex Touch Pro installed on an existing deadbolt.

Lockly smart lock adds voice controls, fingerprint sensor to existing deadbolts

The Flex Touch Pro will be available this spring for $230 and gives you the ability to upgrade your existing lock without replacing any hardware.
The GE HD+ Wafer Downlights set to vibrant colors.

GE Lighting shows off flashy new smart lights at CES 2023

GE Lighting revealed several new products during CES 2023, along with new integration with Schlage smart locks and an update on when Matter support will arrive.
The Numi 2.0 Smart Toilet

Kohler’s 2023 bathroom lineup at CES includes lots of heated toilet seats

Kohler revealed tons of smart home devices during CES 2023, including a trio of smart toilets, a luxurious bathtub, and several premium bathroom products.
A person using the new Bespoke fridge touchscreen.

Samsung reveals futuristic new smart home appliances for CES 2023

Samsung revealed several new smart home appliances during CES 2023, including a smart fridge with a gigantic 32-inch touchscreen and an AI-powered wall oven.
Google Nest Doorbell (battery) camera lens.

Doorbell camera captures much more than just a house visitor

While most Alaskans slept early on Wednesday, a number of doorbell cameras captured a natural phenomenon that would otherwise have gone largely unnoticed.
Echo Show 15 with base.

Amazon brings Matter support to 17 Echo devices

Matter is now available on a long list of Amazon products, including 17 Echo devices, plus smart plugs, lightbulbs, and more.
The Nest Hub Max on a table.

Google rolls out Matter support for Nest and Android

Matter is now available on Nest and Android devices, with the update going live automatically on supported devices. Google is planning further updates for 2023.
Ikea Sonos Symfonisk floor lamp speakers beside a couch.

Ikea and Sonos collaborate on new Symfonisk floor lamp speaker

Ikea and Sonos continue their collaboration, adding the Symfonisk floor lamp to their popular lineup of affordable Sonos-capable Wi-Fi speakers.
Best Buy Black Friday

Best Buy Black Friday deals: TVs, laptops and air fryers

Siri in action on an iPhone.

Hey Siri, let me just say Siri

Apple is reportedly working on a change to the wake phrase for Siri, the digital assistant that works with most of its devices.
The Matter logo on a colorful background.

Matter Launch Day Event brought big news about future updates, compatible products

The Matter Launch Event gave us a closer look at which products are implementing the technology, when they'll be available, and what to expect in the future.
google home web preview 2

Google Home’s web preview is live — and it’s missing most features

The new web preview for cameras that work with Google Home is now live, but don't get rid of that bookmark to Nest just yet.
The ECOVACS GOAT 1 mowing a lawn.

Ecovacs launching robotic lawnmower, commercial floor-cleaning robots in 2023

Ecovacs has announced the Goat G1 and Deebot Pro for 2023. The former is a robotic lawnmower, while the latter is a commercial floor-cleaning robot.
The Google Nest Audio speaker on a table.

Samsung and Google partnership finds a shared home for SmartThings

Samsung and Google have joined hands to ease the cross-ecosystem device onboarding process between SmartThings and Home, thanks to Matter's multi-admin feature.
Roku Smart Home camera feed

Roku gets into the smart home business with Wyze and Walmart

Roku has teamed up with smart home device manufacturer Wyze for a line of cameras and lights — and we've got full pricing and details.
Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights strung up on a house at night for Halloween.

Govee unveils new outdoor lights in time for spooky season

Looking to get your home ready for Haloween? Govee has a new batch of smart lights that can live on your house year-round.
The Matter logo on a black background.

Matter smart home standard is officially available

The Connectivity Standards Alliance has released Matter 1.0, which should result in a slew of smart home gadgets that can finally communicate across ecosystems.
Google Home icon on home screen.

The Google Home app finally has the big redesign you’ve been waiting for

The Google Home app has been in a rough place for years, but this new update aims to completely fix things.
Someone presses the Nest Video Doorbell in front of their home.

The new Nest Doorbell has an hour of onboard video storage

The new Nest Doorbell is a hardwired option with a lot of new features that make it a worthwhile upgrade from the previous model.
A eufyCam 3 installed on a wall.

The Eufy Edge Security System offers better recognition chops and solar-powered cameras

The Eufy Edge Security System includes the new HomeBase 3, which features improved recognition skills and the eufyCam 3 with built-in solar charging.
Wear OS - Google Asssitant

Experts warn AI assistants are hurting the social development of children

An analysis from Cambridge experts suggest that interactions with AI assistants like Alexa is impeding the social development of children and disrupt learning.
Astro looking at an open front door of a home.

Amazon Astro gets new pet- and security-focused features

Amazon announced today new features for its Astro robot, including pet detection, Ring Virtual Security Guard support, more robust AI, and a new SDK.
Ring Spotlight Cam Pro wired on a wall.

New Ring cams get radar, fresh design, and now they can dispatch Amazon Astro’s robot

Ring has announced new products including the new radar focused Spotlight Cam Pro, Spotlight Cam Plus, Panic Alarm Button (2nd Gen), and Virtual Security Guard.
The Blink Mini installed in the Pan-Tilt Mount.

Blink gets a wired floodlight camera and a pan-and-tilt mount

Amazon revealed both the Blink Wired Floodlight Camera and Blink Mini Pan Tilt Mount during its September event. Here's a closer look at the two new products.
The Echo Dot with Clock sits on a table.

New Amazon Echos bring ‘dot displays’ and mesh networking, plus models for kids and cars

At Amazon's Devices & Services event, the company launched four new products including an upgraded Echo Dot and Echo Auto.
The Amazon Halo Rise displaying a wake-up light.

Amazon’s Halo Rise is an alarm clock, sleep tracker, and wake-up light in one

The Halo Rise is a privacy-focused bedside sleep tracker, wake-up light, and alarm, all rolled into one package.
The black iO5 toothbrush by Oral-B.

Oral-B’s iO4 and iO5, the latest in the smart toothbrush lineup, are finally available

Oral-B has finally released their latest smart toothbrushes the iO4 and the iO5.
The Roomba Combo j7+ mopping wood floors.

The j7+ is iRobot’s first two-in-one vacuum and mop combo

iRobot has revealed the Roomba Combo j7+, a premium robot vacuum featuring a retractable mop that allows it to both mop and vacuum without input from the user.
A person pressing a button on the Assure Lock 2.

Yale Assure Lock 2 offers a slimmer design and tons of functionality

The Assure Lock 2 is the latest smart lock lineup from Yale, offering a slim design along with a smartphone app that offers heaps of functionality.
A Keurig K-Supreme coffee maker sits on a kitchen counter next to K-Cups and glass of iced coffee.

Keurig’s new SMART brewers offer a mind-blowing amount of coffee drinks

Keurig has added two new models to its product lineup, as well as an app with more than 70 coffee recipes.
Ring Intercomnext to an intercom handset on a wall.

The new Ring Intercom lets you buzz folks into your building from afar

Ring announces its new Intercom smart product to bring premium features to existing apartment intercom systems.
TP-Link lights glowing pink behind a computer monitor.

TP Link launches budget-friendly smart light strips

TP-Link has announced four new smart light products, three of which are LED strips and one that's a multicolored smart bulb. Here's a closer look at all four.
Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker SD R2550.

Panasonic’s new Automatic Bread Maker targets gluten-free bakers

Panasonic's newest bread maker features a whole lot of smarts and settings that even gluten-free bakers will covet. See what else it has to offer.
Fluid One app showing the AR room map and devices.

Fluid One gives you point-and-click control of your smart home, from your smartphone

The new Fluid One smart home system aims to give you control of your smart home by pointing your phone at a device, gestures, or location.