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A finger pressing a Ring video doorbell.

Ring tackles the entry-level market with its most affordable doorbell yet

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired is the company's most affordable option yet, coming in at just $60 and packed with all the features Ring users expect.
An Amazon Echo on a table in between a few books and a coffee mug.

Alexa can estimate how much electricity smart home devices consume

Alexa can tell you how much energy your smart devices use through the Energy Dashboard and act on hunches through the Proactive Hunches feature.
watch wyzes new handheld vacuum pick up multiple bowling balls wyze cleaner

Watch Wyze’s new handheld vacuum pick up multiple bowling balls

Wyze is continuing to diversify its budget-friendly product range beyond home security devices with the unveiling of its first handheld vacuum cleaner.
non connectivity approach practical smart home opinion ces 2021 benjilockbyhampton tuscan bronze fingerprint door lock 010

A non-connectivity approach can be practical for a smart home

BenjiLock by Hampton intentionally left any kind of connectivity out of its front door lock, bike lock, and gym lock. But is that a great idea? We examine.
arlo smart home security for peace of mind video doorbell lifestyle image

Touchless doorbell feature shouldn’t be exclusive to new models

CES 2021 introduced us to the touchless doorbell, but it shouldn't be exclusive to just new models -- it should come to existing ones as well.
philips hue expands line up with three new devices dimmer switch lifestyle shot 1

Philips Hue makes it easier to manage smart lights with new module and switch

The new Philips Hue Wall Switch Module maintains a connection to your lights even if the power switch is off, solving a problem that has plagued smart lights.
LG transparent rollable smart bed TV

LG CES highlights: Everything announced for 2021

LG has announced plenty of products at CES 2021, including a rollable phone and a new lineup of advanced OLED TVs. Here's everything to take note of.
arlo takes privacy seriously with its new indoor camera essential

Arlo takes privacy seriously by shielding its new Essential Indoor Camera

Arlo's new Essential Indoor Camera has a physical privacy shield that blocks the lens from seeing anything, ensuring total privacy when not in use.
alarm com touchless video doorbell ces 2021 Touchless Video Doorbell rings without actually being pressed

In a period when hygiene is more important than ever before,'s new touchless video doorbell makes it easy to maintain social distance.
The Toto Wellness Toilet would analyze your diet through your bowel movements.

Got poop? Toto’s Wellness Toilet promises health advice based on poop analysis

In a time when hygiene is the primary focus, Toto's touchless technology in bathrooms reduces the potential for bacteria to spread.
Ring Spotlight Cam installed outside.

Ring rolls out end-to-end encryption for video to all customers

Data privacy is an important aspect of modern life. Ring has introduced end-to-end encryption to improve customer data security.
tp link launches kasa mesh router smart speaker ces 2021 deco voice x20

TP-Link’s new Kasa mesh router doubles as an Alexa smart speaker

TP-Link has introduced a new lineup of Kasa smart home products including a smart doorbell, as well as a combination smart speaker and mesh Wi-Fi system.
NordicTrack Active Pulse

New iFit ActivePulse feature uses heart rate to customize treadmill workouts

The newly announced iFit ActivePulse monitors your heart rate during a workout and adjusts the treadmill's speed and incline so athletes get the best workout.  
twinkly expands its lineup year round use ces 2021 flex 1 of 2

Twinkly expands its dazzling smart light lineup with bendable lights and more

Twinkly has a grip on the holiday market, but the company is now expanding to year-round lighting with three new products designed for interior decor.
Nobi Smart Lamp

Nobi smart lamp senses movement to discern when older people are in distress

The Nobi Smart Lamp uses onboard A.I. algorithms to monitor older loved ones and alert emergency services if they fall or face other risks.
ettie video doorbell measures guests temperature ces 2021

This video doorbell can tell if the person on your doorstep has a fever

The Ettie Video Doorbell measures the temperature of visitors, logs the number of people that have entered, and alerts guests when a space is at capacity.
samsung smartthings cooking smart hub fridge kitchen ces 2021 ces2021 familyhub rf9000

Smart kitchens do everything but cook, and now Samsung will even help with that

Samsung’s latest kitchen appliances aim to push connected cooking further than ever before. And like it or not, IoT could shape your next dinner party.
coldsnap keurig soft serve ice cream makers photo by adam glanzman for 829

ColdSnap is like a Keurig machine for soft-serve ice cream

The ColdSnap is a CES Innovation Award Honoree that can make frozen treats from premade pods in less than two minutes.
lockly duo deadbolt doorknob smart lock ces 2021 2

Lockly Duo smart lock conveniently unlocks knob and deadbolt with a single twist

The Lockly Duo uses a two-in-one technology that locks your door as soon as you enter, as well as a 3D fingerprint scanner and a hack-proof keypad.
Roborock S7 robot vacuum cleaning a rug on a hardwood floor.

Roborock S7 robot vacuum erases tough, dry stains through sonic mopping

The new Roborock S7 is a next-generation robot vacuum and mop that transitions seamlessly between the two cleaning modes.
eufy introduces robovac l80 ces 2021 laser

Eufy slips twin-turbine tech into its RoboVac L80 robot vacuum

Eufy unveiled two new robot vacuums and a new smart lock at CES 2021. The vacuums feature laser navigation and twin turbines.
Samsung JetBot 90

Samsung JetBot 90 A.I.+ is a mini tank-like robot vacuum with a camera

Samsung has announced two new products at CES 2021: A brand-new robot vacuum packed with new features, and the Bespoke Cube, a miniature air purifier.
myq pet portal garage door doors ces 2021

This $3,000 doggy door automatically opens when your pets approach

The myQ Pet Portal is a smart pet door with two-way audio and live video capabilities. Let your pets out or allow them to let themselves out with a smart collar.
Petpuls A.I.-powered dog collar

This A.I.-powered collar translates your dog’s barks and body language

Petpuls' new A.I.-powered smart collar claims to distinguish between different types of barks that your dog makes to tell you how it feels.
Kohler Stillness Bath, CES 2021

Kohler’s 2021 bathroom lineup is all about the touchless experience

With a global focus on hygiene, Kohler has introduced touchless technology to reduce the spread of germs and improve personal wellness.
LG A9 Cordless Vacuum mounted on a wall.

LG’s new cordless vacuum mops and empties itself via new charging base

The CordZeroThinQ A9 Kompressor+ is a new cordless vacuum from LG that not only empties itself when docked in its charging base, but doubles as a mop.
luft duo small quiet environmentally friendly luftqi luftduo 1

Luft Duo is a miniature-sized air purifier that doesn’t use filter replacements

Air purifiers have become popular in homes, but the Luft Duo can even keep the air in your car cleaner thanks to its small and portable design.
c by ge rebrand smart plug security camera ces 2021 cync indoor lifestyle 2

GE Lighting will rebrand to Cync, launch new devices for CES 2021

C by GE will change to Cync by Savant and add a new outdoor smart plug, and indoor security camera, and a smart fan speed switch to its lineup.
LG InstaView refrigerator with a close up of the view window.

LG’s latest InstaView refrigerator features voice-activated door

If you approach LG's new refrigerator weighed down with groceries, utter “open the refrigerator door” and you'll be granted access to all of the goodies inside.
airodcotors four stage filter kills coronavirus airodoctor

AiroDoctor claims its four-stage air purifier can eliminate coronavirus

The AiroDoctor is a new, commericially focused air filter that uses a four-stage filtration system to capture and kill aerosols as small as 0.1 microns.
netatmo new video doorbell homekit compatible smart vido

Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell is HomeKit compatible and needs no subscription

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell has impressive home security features and is compatible with Apple HomeKit, all while charging no subscription fees.
amazon releases new video calling features group on echo show 8 still

Amazon’s Echo devices gain group-calling and call captioning features

Amazon's new Echo calling features help people connect with their loved ones to celebrate the holidays while staying physically apart.
Smart Home Top Tech 2020: Amazon Echo

Staff Picks: DT’s favorite smart home tech of 2020

The Amazon Echo (4th Gen) introduces exciting new changes that make it our pick for the best smart home gadget of 2020.
logitech circle view doorbell homekit exclusive camera

Logitech Circle View Doorbell is an Apple HomeKit exclusive

Logitech has partnered with Apple to release the Circle View Doorbell, the first smart video doorbell designed exclusively for HomeKit.