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Porn has long had a reputation as technology’s king maker, pushing whichever tech it backs to success. But is that really the case?

Does porn still have the power to push new tech, or has it gone soft?

weekly recap samsung galaxy edge plus tinder ceo google alphabet ge neuro kite and lightning 1

Stories you missed this week: Tinder dumps its CEO, Samsung’s dueling Galaxies

lexus hoverboard photos details specs slide hoverpark 9

10 tech stories you missed this week: Lexus hoverboard unveiled, Jon Stewart signs off

awesome tech you cant buy yet july 19 2015 071915 feat

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Programmable drums, LED helmets, and more

Dot World's Smallest Bluetooth Headset

How a mob of Kickstarter vigilantes are killing the world’s smallest earbuds

Ivan Kan set out to bring a wireless Bluetooth earbud to the U.S. via Kickstarter, but skeptical backers turned a lack of understanding into a witch hunt.
New Music Friday

Why the end of New Music Tuesday signals the true death of the CD

CD shipments are declining by tens of millions each year, and the shift to New Music Fridays will further push music toward the Web and digital media.
Hydro Hammock

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Hot tub hammock, smart luggage, and more

LG rollable OLED display flexible rollable

Why OLED will decimate LCD screens and usher in a display revolution

Smart TV Makers Voice Security

To make your smart TV safe from spying, manufacturers need to up their game

Smart TVs are a security and privacy concern now, and we need to treat them that way.
Samsung SUHD CES 2015

Just what you wanted, another acronym! Here’s what Samsung’s SUHD really means

We talk with Samsung's Dave Das to get an understanding of what exactly SUHD is.
Yves Behar Yun je Kang

How superstar designer Yves Behar shapes the style of Samsung TVs

andrew jones on one interview 2

Speaker savant Andrew Jones spills the secret of killer sound on a budget

We sit down with Andrew Jones for a one-on-one chat about how he does speaker design, where hi-fi is headed, and how to get younger listeners interested.
curved tv gimmick

Are curved TVs a gimmick? Yup, but we still love them. Here’s why

today future tv rests wrinkly hands supreme court aereo ceo chet kanojia headshot

Today, the future of TV rests in the wrinkly hands of the Supreme Court

Aereo's upcoming battle with broadcasters on Tuesday will affect us all, no matter the outcome. Find out more about the fight for the future of TV.
1287318 autosave v1 2 apple big store

What an Apple-Comcast deal could mean for the future of TV

blueshift bamboo speaker helium supercapacitor powered front

Blueshift’s bamboo Bluetooth beauty ditches D cells for supercapacitors

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere, but none are remotely like Sam Beck's Blueshift speakers. Check out what makes these portable speakers so amazing
sound platforms to replace bars feast on a pancake

The soundbar was just a starter; feast your ears on the sound pancake

The sound bar has some competition. Expect to see a whole lot more of these speaker bases on store shelves in the coming year.
house of rock master bedroom

Inside the House Of Rock: Celebrities, debauchery, and a whole lotta microphones

case of bass how a small oregon company grew business from garbage ezra cimino hurt jay yovu 7

How a small Oregon company grew a business from garbage

Portland, Oregon-based Cass of Bass makes portable speakers from reclaimed and recycled materials to create truly unique portable speaker systems.
a la carte channels cable tv viewing header

Don’t put down that buffet plate! Why a la carte TV isn’t here yet

3k home theater under 3000 k

No remortgage needed: How to build an earthquake-inducing home theater for $3,000

Our DIY guide shows how to build an impressive home theater from the projector to the power strip for about $3,000.
3D TV autopsy: Did it finally die, or was it never alive to begin with?

3D TV autopsy: Did it finally die, or was it never alive to begin with?

3D TV wasn't the cash cow manufacturers hoped it would be and now broadcasters are jumping ship due to lack of interest. Is 3D officially dead?
TK Theaters Super Rich Home Theater

Recreating yesterday’s opulent movie palaces at home, with today’s tech

Some call Theo Kalomirakis the grandfather of the high-end home theater. We look at some of his work and discuss what goes into a $1,000,000 home theater.
the videophile system builder ii taking a pass on ultra hd 4k for now lg 60lm7200 lifestyle

The Videophile System Builder II: Take a pass on 4K Ultra HD with these superior systems

Ultra HD 4K may be the next new thing, but we still think these fantastic 1080p home theater systems are a better investment for the next few years.

The Audiophile System Builder V: 21st Century systems from NAD, Dynaudio, and PSB

Assembling a 21st century high-end audio system for only $5,000 has never been easier thanks to the folks at NAD, PSB, and Dynaudio.
over the top how set boxes like roku and apple tv have changed forever apps

How set-top boxes like Roku and Apple TV have changed TV forever

OTT set-top boxes like Roku and Apple TV have changed TV forever. We take a look at this relatively new industry and the effect it has had on all involved.

When money is definitely no object, you let this guy build your home theater

The outrageous Cine Beta 12.12 home theater experience from Kipnis Studio Standard is the most over-the-top home theater we've ever seen.
hd audio is ready for download but does anybody care mixing console with monitors featured

It’s time to retire the MP3: HDTracks and the high definition audio revolution

High Definition Audio downloads are finally catching on thanks to the efforts of download sites like HDtracks. Here's why it's time for MP3s to be retired.
are ultra hd and oled tv worth it 4k sony h

Ultra HD and OLED TVs will blow your mind, but are they worth it?

Ultra HD and OLED TVs have a lot going for them, but there's just as much going against them as well. Now is not the time to be an early adopter. Here's why.

DT Debates: Are ISPs overstepping their boundaries by favoring their content streaming services?

listen to music anywhere women listening headphones on couch

Listen to Music Anywhere