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Sharp SD-WH1000U Review

  • Excellent overall hi-res audio performance
  • WiSA is a wonderful thing
  • Ditto WiHD (mostly)
  • Seamless format transitions
  • NNW — Not Necessarily Wireless
  • Can’t play SACDs via WiHD
  • $5K/$6K could be a deal-breaker
Our Score 9

Bowers & Wilkins MT-60D Review

  • Fantastic subwoofer
  • Satellites deliver excellent imaging and…
  • Innovative mounting options
  • Satellites aren’t quite on par with the sub
  • Spring-loaded binding posts can’t accept…
  • Subwoofer is quite expensive
Our Score 8

Samsung HT-E6500W Review

  • Impressive overall fidelity for an HTIB
  • Quality music reproduction
  • Includes iPod/iPhone docking cradle
  • Wireless surround signal delivery
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and network media access
  • Audio compresses at high volumes
  • Center channel leans heavily on subwoofer
  • Wireless surround receiver is bulky
  • Sub misses lowest octave
Our Score 8

Panasonic SC-HTB350 Review

  • Flexible speaker setup options
  • Super-slim form factor
  • Effective dialog enhancement
  • Highly affordable
  • Overbearing bass
  • Poor Bluetooth sound quality
  • Soft sibilants
  • Compressed midrange at high volumes
Our Score 6

Sony Blu-ray BDV-IS1000 Review

  • Beautiful design and a small footprint; clear…
  • Wireless rear speakers didn't work; adaptor…
Our Score 5

Pioneer Elite X-Z9 Review

  • Excellent sound quality; plenty of interface…
  • Bulky remote control; lack of display options no…
Our Score 8.5

Denon S-301 Review

  • Exceptional sound; supports the Apple iPod; HDMI…
  • Complex manual; sometimes locks up after…
Our Score 8