Paradigm’s Millenia 2.1 CT2 is an upgrade on an already stellar all-in-one audio system

We were thoroughly impressed with Paradigm’s original Millenia CT system, and now that the recently-announced Millenia 2.1 CT 2 system is headed to dealers everywhere, we’re excited to get our ears on it and its improvements. The fully powered audio/multimedia system doesn’t need a receiver or any other kind of amplification because it’s all on-board already – just add your favorite source, wired or wireless. 

The Millenia 2.1 CT system has a built-in three-channel Ultra Class-D amplifier within the sub, which serves 40 watts RMS to each satellite speaker. The two 5-lb. speakers each come with a 1-inch tweeter and a 4-inch mid/bass driver, both of which are loaded into two-way sealed enclosures with integrated baffle and chassis and low-diffraction grilles that maximize imaging and ensure smooth dispersion. The tabletop/shelf stands you see in the pictures are part of the package, too. 

The powered subwoofer’s onboard amplifier brings the heat with 80 watts RMS and a system peak power of 480 watts. The 12.5-lb. sub has a no-nonsense, 8-inch driver with a 1.5-inch voice-coil, a 150-Hz fixed low pass filter, and 28 Hz low frequency extension (read: it goes deep). It comes standard with optical digital, 3.5-mm aux., and Bluetooth connectivity. It can sit horizontally or vertically through the use of its cradle. Not enough specs for you? You can get them all here.

The CT 2 (“CT” stands for Compact Theater”) is technically an upgrade to the Millenia CT, which was a beastly system itself, from a couple years back. The big difference with the CT 2 is its inclusion of a control box for instant connection to TVs and other A/V equipment, and a remote control (with comprehensive IR learning).

Paradigm has you covered in terms of auditory precision: the CT 2 has Bluetooth compatibility with aptX coding, a 2-channel “Music Mode,” a multichannel Movie Mode, Dolby Digital decoding, and Paradigm’s Virtual Surround processing — you shouldn’t have any trouble perfecting your own custom sound with this system, which you can nab now for about $900.