A Look Inside China’s Apex Factory

It took almost three months of requests before the company finally agreed to allow a journalist to visit. Asked why it shuns publicity with such fanaticism, Mr. Gong quotes a famous saying by the early Chinese nationalist leader Sun Yat-sen: “The revolution has not yet succeeded; our comrades must make more efforts.”

The corporate strategy is neatly summarized by a slogan in large silver letters on a display room wall: “Practice. Credibility. Humility. Aggression.” While the executives prefer to talk about the third quality, their competitors are more worried about the fourth.

Step outside the factory and talk to workers on their breaks, however, and you soon discover how Apex was able to stun its competitors with the $29 (U.S.) DVD player that became a huge bestseller at Wal-Mart stores across North America last Christmas.

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