Legal woes behind it, TV rebroadcaster Aereo unveils pricing plans

Aereo live TV streaming for iPhone, iPad allowed to exist

After a temporary legal win, the TV rebroadcasting service Aereo has unveiled new pricing plans for New Yorkers who want to watch live broadcast TV from mobile devices and computers.

Among the four different pricing options, for an hour each day, Aereo users can watch TV on their mobile devices for free (and without a credit card), offering users a taste of the service. If interested in upgrading from the free-to-use service, for the non-committal, Aereo is offering a $1 plan for a 24-hour viewing period beginning at the time of purchase. Those who are looking to make the next step can do so with two different monthly subscription plans: one for $8 per month and the other for $12 per month. The difference between each monthly subscription plan is the number of hours offered for DVR storage space. Finally, the committed can pre-pay $80 for an entire year.

aereo pricing

Aereo works by rebroadcasting live television to mobile devices through a minute antenna in a data center that each user basically rents. Currently the service offers 28 local New York City stations including ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, which can be picked up by its antennas, but cannot offer cable programming like ESPN and HBO.

Aereo’s win over copyright claims filed by ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox opened up a window of opportunity for new entrants into the rebroadcasting space. The latest competitor has been Dyle, a television broadcasting service that enables users to watch TV on the Samsung Galaxy S Lightray, distributed through MetroPCS. However, Dyle is a concerted effort by Mobile Content Venture (MCV), an association of broadcasters including Fox, NBC, ION TV and others, which are willingly offering content for broadcast through Dyle onto mobile devices.

Despite Aereo’s recent pricing changes, Dyle remains free, although there’s a possibility that the service could start charging its users. Dyle is also available in approximately 41 different locations throughout the United States, and doesn’t use up your data plan as shows are broadcasted through an antenna on the Lightray. However, not many of us may be willing give up our Galaxy S3 or iPhone 4S for this TV phone — at least not yet.