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After long wait, Netflix arrives on the Boxee Box

netflix-on-boxeeMonths after its release, Internet TV device Boxee Box by D-Link is finally integrating Netflix, announced Boxee CEO Avner Ronen on the company blog.

The arrival of Netflix, which had been delayed multiple times, dramatically increases the number of programs and movies available to Boxee users, and fulfills one of the company’s promises made prior to Boxee’s official release last November.

“Netflix support was the most common request we had on our blog comments, forum posts, tweets, etc,” writes Ronen. “We heard you loud and clear. We were bummed that we could not make it happen earlier, but are very excited to have it out today.”

Boxee users can gain access to the Netflix app immediately be initiating a manual firmware update. Otherwise, the company says it will begin rolling out automatic updates later this week.

The new Netflix app, which allows subscribers to browse through the entire Netflix library, is identical to that which was recently released on Google TV and the Playstation 3.

Late last year, Boxee predicted that Netflix would be available by the end of January, so the update comes later than expected — much to the vexation of Boxee early-adopters.

In addition to Netflix, Boxee offers owners access to a wide variety of streaming services, including Vudu and Mubi. It also comes loaded with apps that give users the ability to access Pandora, Flickr, Facebook, Vimeo, and many more.

Boxee is currently working to bring Hulu Plus and content from CBS to the device, but those efforts have so far been delayed. It is not yet clear when these services will be available. But considering the challenge of securing the Netflix app, we’d recommend users adopt some patience.

Customers can purchase a Boxee Box online for $199. To access Netflix’s now-integrated Watch Now library, Boxee owners must pay an additional $7.99 per month. But even that is still far less expensive than most cable connections.

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