After teasing us at CES, Samsung reveals its production-ready 55-inch OLED TV, the ES9500

Samsung ES9500 OLED TVSamsung debuted its prototype 55-inch OLED television, which at the time they claimed was the world’s largest TV of its type, at CES 2012, and said they would be putting it into production this year.

Following brief-but-positive hands-on reports, the set went on to be named an honoree Best of Innovations award winner at the show, but few expected to hear anything more about it so soon.

Now, at the World’s Fair in Korea, the company has revealed the ES9500, the production ready model, along with a few more details about the new flagship set.

Samsung has gone crazy with features that start with the word Smart. We’ve got Smart Interaction, Smart Evolution and Smart Content, all of which can be found on other high-end Samsung TVs, and respectively refer to voice and gesture controls, an upgradeable dual-core processor and Samsung’s extensive range of online content and apps.

Now we’ve got Smart DualView, which allows two people to watch two different programs on the same screen at the same time, in full high definition too, by using special 3D glasses with wireless headphones attached.

All this is in addition to the glorious picture offered by an OLED screen, plus the fast response time, and potential lack of motion blur and 3D crosstalk.

The ES9500 is set to go on sale during the second half of the year in Korea, where it will cost the equivalent of more than $9,000. Ouch.

Samsung isn’t the only one with designs on the OLED TV market though, as LG also had a 55-inch model on display at CES, which could also be introduced this month, but its rumored $8000 price tag is equally as off-putting.

Prices are likely to stay high for a while yet too, as Samsung estimate it will be at least two or three years before OLED technology will be considered mainstream.