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Amazon adds audio personalization to Echo Buds 2

It’s been a while since Amazon launched its Echo Buds 2, but apparently, the company is still looking at ways to improve them. Today, it announced that folks will be able to turn on audio personalization from within the Alexa app on their phones.

According to a company spokesperson, the new feature lets you find the right audio combination for different settings and environments, “whether you’re watching a movie on your laptop or tuning in to your favorite playlist on your phone.”

To take advantage of it, open the Alexa app, select Echo Buds Settings, then select Audio Personalization.

You’ll be presented with a range of frequencies and volumes in each ear, which gives the app the information it needs to perform the calibration. When you’re done, the new settings are uploaded to the Echo Buds 2, ideally resulting in fuller sound.

If you don’t see the Audio Personalization option, you may not have the latest software version on your Echo Buds 2.

To ensure your earbuds get the latest update (578821692 as of January 24, 2023):

  • make sure the buds have a full charge and that the charging case has at least a 30% charge
  • put the earbuds in the case
  • close the case lid
  • keep your Echo Buds next to your phone with the case closed for at least 30 minutes.

The software update should happen automatically. When you connect them to your phone, after the steps above, select Echo Buds Settings then About, and check the Device Software Version.

Amazon isn’t the first company to help people get more from their wireless earbuds in this way. Many brands do something similar, from simple built-in tests like the one included with Jabra’s Elite 7 Pro, to more sophisticated third-party-powered solutions. For instance, 1More favors technology provided by SoundID, which it uses on its ColorBuds 2 earbuds, while Anker Soundcore prefers HearID, the personalization system on the Liberty 4 noise-canceling earbuds. Beyerdynamic and Skullcandy both use Mimi for their versions of sound personalization.

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