Amazon lands deal with Discovery to stream Mythbusters, Shark Week and more

amazon lands deal with discovery to stream mythbusters shark week and more

Announced on the home page in addition to a press release, the online retailer has just inked a deal with Discovery Communications in regards to providing approximately 3,000 more titles to Prime Instant Video. Discovery Communications is the media group that controls TLC, Animal Planet, the Oprah Winfrey Network, Investigation Discovery, the Science Channel, Planet Green, Discovery Fit & Health, the Military Channel and the Discovery Channel. Similar to the deal that Netflix signed with Discovery Communications during September 2011, Amazon Prime subscribers will get streaming access to a variety of popular television programs. A complete list of shows from the more popular channels include:

amazon lands deal with discovery to stream mythbusters shark week and more jeff corwinAnimal Planet

  • Jockeys
  • Mad Man of the Sea
  • Meerkat Manor
  • Pit Boss
  • River Monsters
  • The Haunted
  • The Jeff Corwin Experience
  • Weird, True and Freaky
  • Whale Wars
  • Wild Recon

Discovery Channel

  • American Loggers
  • Deadliest Catch
  • Detonators
  • Dirty Jobs
  • man vs wild pic 1Discovery Atlas
  • Dual Survival
  • Everest: Beyond the Limit
  • Extreme Engineering
  • Fearless Planet
  • Gold Rush: Alaska
  • I Almost Got Away with It
  • Into the Universe with Stephan Hawking
  • Iditarod
  • Man vs. Wild
  • Mythbusters
  • One Way Out
  • Prison Wives
  • Shark Week
  • Smash Lab
  • Treasure Quest
  • When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions
  • Wreckreation Nation


  • American Chopper
  • BBQ Pit Masters
  • Cake Boss
  • Hoarding: Buried Alive
  • Jon & Kate + 8
  • L.A. Ink
  • Miami Ink
  • Say Yes to the Dress
  • Toddlers & Tiaras

Since December 2011, Amazon has increased the amount of the videos available for streaming over Prime Instant Video by approximately 30 percent. With over 17,000 titles to stream over the Internet, the incentive to become an Amazon Prime subscriber is increasing rapidly. There’s currently no extra charge to stream titles beyond the yearly $79.99 subscription cost. Included within the subscription, Amazon offers free two-day shipping on many items in addition to one free book each month from the Kindle Lending Library, assuming that the Amazon Prime subscriber also owns a Kindle. 

amazon-kindle-fireTo promote Amazon Prime, the retailer has been giving away a free month of service with any purchase of a Kindle Fire tablet. Kindle Fire owners can stream shows from the Prime Instant Video library on the tablet in addition to purchasing rentals of new releases. Amazon also gives away six free months of Prime service to students, but this doesn’t include access to the Prime Instant Video library. Students must upgrade to a paid plan to watch streaming video. Anyone without an Amazon Prime subscription can rent or purchase the television shows added under the new Discovery Communications deal.

While Amazon is attempting to close the gap on Netflix with an increased amount of new content, Amazon is still losing the battle on the hardware front. For instance, Netflix can be found on all three next generation gaming consoles, but Amazon hasn’t built applications for any console. Amazon offers a complex method to watch video on the Xbox 360, but it’s only for downloaded video content. Amazon also hasn’t built an app for iOS devices for streaming video from the Prime Instant Video library. Alternatively, Netflix released an iPhone application approximately 18 months ago and has continued to develop the application on both the iPhone and iPad. 

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