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Amazon now lets you create up to six viewer profiles on Prime Video

Amazon is, at long last, rolling out viewer profiles for its video-streaming platform, Prime Video. The new update allows as many as six people to have their own profile on a single Amazon account. In addition to separate watch progress and watchlists, each profile also offers personalized content recommendations based on the watching habits of the person using it.

Viewer profiles for Amazon Prime Video had begun appearing in a handful of regions such as India since late March. Amazon now says it’s bringing them to all of its customers worldwide, and will gradually make them available over the next couple of days. You will be able to manage profiles on every Prime Video platform including the web, Android, iOS, Fire TV, PlayStation 4, and more.

The process to create a new profile on Prime Video is simple. On the web, you need to head over to Prime Video’s website. In the top right corner, you will find your account’s first name. Click that and select the Add New option. Enter the profile’s name, switch the Kids toggle if it’s for your children, and hit Save Changes.

On your Android or iOS phone, you have to visit the My Stuff section on the far right at the bottom. Tap your name at the top and select Create Profile to add a new viewer profile or Manage Profiles to edit existing ones.

Viewer profiles have been one of the most requested abilities for Prime Video and have been available on rival platforms such as Netflix for ages. Unlike Netflix, however, you can’t lock your profile with a PIN or set a display picture for it just yet.

Amazon’s decision to finally add viewer profiles comes at a time when subscribers, sheltered at home, are increasingly relying on streaming services for entertainment. A couple of days ago, Amazon had also launched the ability to remotely watch movies and TV shows with your friends on Prime Video in the United States, an activity for which viewers previously had to turn to third-party extensions. Plus, there’s now a Prime Video app for Windows PCs, which lets you download content for offline use on your computer.

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