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Anker’s Soundcore gets new name, more bass, and wireless headphones

Brenda Stolyar/Digital Trends

Anker Innovations’ Soundcore has been renamed to Soundcore by Anker, a small title change that comes with big new technologies — and a slew of new and noteworthy products.

Launched in 2014, the Soundcore imprint has quickly grown to be one of the best-selling audio brands on websites like Amazon and in retail stores like Walmart. In 2018, the company looks to expand its lineup with over a dozen new speakers and wireless headphones, aiming to create even more affordable but high-fidelity products for consumers.

“From the beginning, Soundcore has resonated with customers for delivering great audio at an affordable price,” Anker Innovations’ CEO Steven Yang said in a press release. “In 2018, we will challenge the basic idea that consumers need to pay premium prices for premium sound and quality.”

A brand new set of active noise-canceling headphones called the Space NC are at the top of Soundcore by Anker’s new lineup, an elegant looking set of over-ear headphones that looks to rival much more expensive products from a reasonable $100-per-pair perch in the market. The Space NC will offer a respectable 20 hours of wireless playback time and 50 hours of wired playback time with noise-canceling on and will be made available in May.

Also coming to consumers are two new technologies from the company. The first, called BassUp, is a special new piece of digital signal procession technology that is able to boost the low-end of a set of headphones or speakers without it distorting at high volumes — a problem faced by many speakers and headphones with DSP-boosted bass.

The company has also announced what it calls SweatGuard technology, which is a proprietary coating that is meant to protect against the corrosive sweat that plagues many workout headphones.

The company has announced numerous new sets of headphones that will include SweatGuard coatings, but the most exciting of them is a new fully wireless set of earbuds it calls the Liberty Lite. The Liberty Lite will feature the coating, and will offer 3.5 hours of battery life on a charge, a portable charging case with 12 hours of battery life, and will feature Bluetooth 5.0 for what should be an excellent connection. The best part of the Liberty Lite will be the price: At $69 per pair, we are excited to see how this new Soundcore by Anker product performs once we can get our hands on them.

For more information about the various other speakers and headphones being released as part of the rebranding effort, we recommend you check out the company’s website.

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