Aperion Audio snips wires with Zona wireless speakers

aperion audio snips wires with zona wireless speakers zone 2The most expensive laptop speakers ever, or a pair of killer rear surrounds for your new home stereo? Up to you. Aperion Audio’s new Zona wireless speakers snip the cord for either application, letting you put them where you want them – not where the cables from your receiver happen to reach.

As long as you can power them, anyway. Like all wireless speakers, you’ll need to run power to each shoebox-sized bookshelf speaker to drive the dual 20-watt Class D amps inside, but each one receives audio signal independently from a donut-like transmitter. Aperion’s older wireless solution, the Home Audio Link, allows wireless audio transmission from a source to a receiver, but lacks its own amplification.

With 1-inch silk dome tweeters and 4.5-inch fiber woven fiberglass woofers, the handsome bookshelf speakers most closely resemble Aperion’s Intimus 4B wired speakers, but slightly taller, and ported. A clothe grille and matte finish makes the Zona relatively unobtrusive, save for an LED-lit ring that shines through from behind indicating connection status: flashing when looking for signal, solid when connected.

The Zona transmitter can connect either to the surround pre-outs of your receiver, or to a computer for digital transmission via a USB port.

Aperion is accepting preorders on the Zona system immediately, but they won’t ship until October 25. The whole system, including a transmitter, speakers, and remote, will sell for $499.

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