Aperion Audio’s Allaire Bluetooth Speakers nail every feature and sound spectacular

Check out our review of the Aperion Audio Allaire bluetooth speakers.

As we see it, the problem with the modern wireless speaker model is that, too often, sound quality takes a back seat to portability. Portability is great, but the market is still begging for compact, wireless desktop or bookshelf speakers that offer all the benefits of a hi-fi system – stereo separation, tuned cabinets, full, refined bass, multiple intputs, etc. –  but with the modern convenience of wireless audio streaming, built-in amplification, and device charging. Looks like Aperion Audio may have just answered the call. 

Some products have gotten dangerously close to our ideal system. The NuForce S3-BT sounded great and offered device charging and analog input flexibility, but they lacked a digital input and subwoofer output. The Nocs NS2 Air Monitors looked and sounded excellent too, but they are locked into the Apple eco-system, can be tricky to set up, and they don’t charge devices at all. And then there’s the Paradigm A2, which offer some unique features and jaw-dropping sound quality, but they’re a bit bulkier that most folks are looking for in a desktop solution, aren’t wireless out of the box and don’t sport a digital input. Even the highly-regarded AudioEngine lineup doesn’t check all the boxes.  

Aperion’s Allaire Bluetooth speakers manage to nail down everything we’ve been looking for and wrap it all up in one very attractive, sweet-sounding package. The speakers offer an analog input, digital optical input, Bluetooth streaming capability, USB charging port and a subwoofer output. In the box is everything you need to get the system set up and running. Optical cable, two different analog cables, high-gauge speaker wire … it’s all there. There’s even a remote. The best part? The pair is only $400.