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Need wireless earbuds? The latest Apple AirPods just got a rare discount

Apple AirPods
Riley Young/Digital Trends

Apple’s decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack on its latest devices ruffled some feathers, but in hindsight, the company’s instincts seem to be correct: Like it or not, wireless earbuds are the way of the future. As technology continues to get sleeker and smaller, compact earbuds are increasingly getting the Bluetooth treatment, and the Apple AirPods – which just got a nice discount on Amazon – are still one of the best pairs you can buy, particularly if you’re a dedicated iOS user.

We already saw a recent discount on the first-gen Apple AirPods, but deals on the second-generation refresh have been fleeting (no surprise there, as Apple only just released these earlier this year). This discounted model is the second-gen model with a wired Lightning charging case, so if you don’t specifically need the wireless charging case and you’ve been waiting for a deal on the AirPods, now’s your chance.

The differences between the first-gen and second-gen Apple AirPods (or “AirPods 2”) seem fairly small at first glance. The new AirPods feature an enhanced wireless chip for faster syncing, more seamless transitions between multiple devices, and increased talk time. Apple also stated that the newer H1 chip reduces latency for things such as gaming. The AirPods 2 allow you to activate Siri with voice commands instead of having to tap one of the earbuds, as well.

The AirPods remain one of our favorite wireless earbuds (and our no-frills pick for iOS devices) thanks to Apple’s signature build quality, sleek truly wireless design, stable wireless connection, and super-simple setup and operation. They do unfortunately lack waterproof capabilities so they’re not the best for workouts and other outdoor activities, but despite an increasing amount of competition from brands like Jabra and Samsung, the Apple AirPods are still the go-to choice for iOS users looking for a solid pair of everyday truly wireless earbuds.

The second-gen Apple AirPods with wired Lightning charging case normally ring in at $159. Amazon has them on sale right now for $140, though, saving you $19 if you’re not fussy about wireless charging capability. It’s not an earth-shattering discount, but it’s one of the few deals we’ve seen so far on Apple’s 2019 wireless earbuds.

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