Source: Apple Television decidedly not ‘imminent’

apple television not imminent

Though there was much ado about James Kisner’s assertion that an Apple TV was “imminent,” few have echoed that sentiment. Today, Apple Insider reports that another unnamed source is spilling the beans on the in-the-works TV set, but this one sounds a bit less optimistic  and a bit more fishy. Let’s work from the most legitimate claims that he/she made down to the least legitimate.

First, this supposed Foxconn insider says that Apple has begun the initial phase of tests on its TV. That one most likely checks out, as we heard something similar last week. Next, we hear that it’s unlikely anything will ship until at least 2014. While that could certainly prove an accurate prediction, if true, it’s troubling for Apple fans and stockholders alike. The company’s stock price has plummeted of late and the company – known for innovation – is in a bit of a creative rut. The last and most dubious claim from this shadowy source is that Apple plans to show off a prototype TV at International CES in January. Since Apple has historically avoided CES as if it were the plague (they have never attended), it’s hard to believe they would crash consumer electronics’ biggest party with a fledgling design and without anyone’s foreknowledge.

Really, the most important claim here, is the assertion that an Apple TV won’t be ready until 2014. The race has already started and neither Apple, nor Usain Bolt can catch competitors who are half a track ahead. Unless they are planning on closing content deals that others have been repeatedly unable to close, Apple will be left in the dust before it even gets out of the blocks.

For now, we’re going to say that these claims originated from an unreliable source, which means Apple’s TV plans are still shrouded in mystery.