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Apple TV expected to reach 1 million sales this week

Apple TV

Apple has announced that it expects its compact second-generation AppleTV to sell its one-millionth unit this week—given that Apple never announced any sales figures for its original Apple TV, it might be safe to assume the company believes the sales milestone represents some progress. Apple has been selling Apple TVs for years, and while some customers were enthusiastic fans the devices never gained the consumer traction of the iPod, iPhone, or iPad. With sales of the new Apple TV, though, the Apple TV’s fortunes might be improving.

Perhaps more significantly, Apple says iTunes users are now buying and renting over 400,000 television episodes a day, and more than 150,000 movies per day.

Apple introduced its second-generation Apple TV in September (see Digital Trends’ review), featuring a substantially slimmer form factor, $0.99 television episode rentals through iTunes (and some HD movies starting as low as $3.99), an integrated Netflix client, and a very appealing $99 price tag. With iOIS 4.2 Apple added the ability for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad owners to push music, video, and photos from their devices to their Apple TV wirelessly—no need for fussing with cables.

Apple isn’t the only player seeing some success in the streaming set-top box market: according to Business Insider Roku also expects to sell its one-millionth unit by the end of the year, despite a brief flirtation with PlayOn that irked some potential customers. Part of the Roku’s appeal compared to the Apple TV might be its support for 1080p output—and an $80 price tag.

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