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Apple working on iTV, new AirPlay, iCloud-based DVR: WSJ

Apple has begun making concrete moves towards its living room invasion, reports the Wall Street Journal. The news comes via anonymous sources briefed on Apple’s meetings with various “media executives.”

Like Apple TV, the Cupertino, California-based company’s marginalized video streaming box, the rumored iTV (as it’s being called) will also allow users to download video, and likely stream content from the Internet. It’s possible that Apple’s meetings with “media executives” means the company is maneuvering to offer new television content, in a different way (streaming), and at a different price than it currently offers through iTunes. So far, however, Apple hasn’t made any moves to license new content, the paper’s sources say.

The new iTV won’t simply be Apple TV with a screen, however; according to the report — and a number of earlier reports — iTV will also include Siri integration, making it possible to navigate to channels and otherwise find content on the television by simply speaking. Apple’s array of touchscreen devices will also server as the remote for the iTV via the App Store Remote app.

In addition, WSJ reports that Apple is working on a new version of AirPlay, which will make it possible for people to start watching a show or movie on their iTV, then continue watching it on another device, like an iPhone or iPad.

Lastly, Apple is also reportedly working on a DVR service that would allow users to save content to iCloud, rather than to local storage, which seems almost like a no-brainer.

As always, this all remains unconfirmed by Apple, placing it firmly in the rumor department. And while WSJ is as reliable as any publication when it comes to technology news, the paper did get it wildly wrong when it reported that Apple would release a redesigned iPhone 5, along with a smaller, lower-end iPhone model, this year.

What does seem clear is that Apple has ambitions for the living room. Whether they come to fruition remains to be seen. But given Apple’s long-held ability to dominate when it wants to, its purported moves in this area need to be closely watched.

[Pictured: iTV concept design]

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